Open 1 File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

What is a 1 File

The 1 file is a Unix Section 1 Main Page type.

They are categorized as miscellaneous files and comes in the text format. 1 files are a manual page and also referred to as a “man page”.

It is equally used by Man utility, which is a Unix program used for viewing the users’ manuals that are stored in plain text and also divided into different segments, with each of them being delimited by standard markers.

The level 1 user manuals mainly describe general commands for the Unix operating system. This format is stored up in files containing the name of the particular command and the .1 extension is added as a suffix to the file name. A manual for “cmd_example”, for example, will have the “cmd_example.1.” file name.

Unix man pages can be stored in plain text format and, therefore, can be edited and created using any of the common text editors.

In most instances, Unix man page files are compressed into .GZ files; they, therefore, have the “.gz.1” extension; this type of extension is referred to as a compound extension.

The Unix man pages can also have the “.2” extension up to “.8” extension for several other sections.

The “.2” extension can be used for System Calls documentations.

The 1 files areĀ  in association with 1 to 8 and it might be a part of a version number, OpenOffice.orrg1.0.1, for example.


How to open 1 files

Before you can open 1 files, you will need suitable software. You will receive messages like “How do you want to open this file?” or “Windows cannot open this file”, depending on the version of Windows operating system that you are using, if you do not have the appropriate software to use for opening the file.

You can click either long-press on the file or right-click on it to access the drop-down menu that can help you to open the file.

On the drop-down menu, click on “Open with” and then choose the particular application with which you can successfully open the application.

You can use Inno Setup Binary File to open 1 files. You can also open the file with Mozilla from Mozilla-org. it supports Popup Permissions, Image, and Cookie. Furthermore, you can open the file using Pro/ENGINEER from PTC. Pro/ENGINEER is a backup file and a 3D product design product featuring several productivity tools capable of promoting best practices in design, as well as, ensuring complete compliance with company and industry standards.

Apple II operating system can also be used to view this file. It is part of a multi-part archive and works just like Stuffit and The File Splitter in opening the 1 file.

Many of these tools are available for free and you can easily download them without having to pay for them or get any form of authentication.

Even if you have to pay for any of the programs or tools, the paid ones are generally cheap and will not put a hole in your pocket. The programs are light and will not occupy much space on your computer.