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Open AAE File

.AAE file extension was developed by Apple and is very popular. It is categorized as a Data file and comes in the XML format.

Open AAE File

The file contains edit that is made to an image with Photos app and it is used on iOS devices.

The file extension is used for transferring non-destructive edits made by a user to .JPG images on an iOS device to the macOS system. You can find AAE files accompanying the images for which they contain edits.

As an Apple device end user, you might have come across the extension on your device, especially when going through your image folder. The extension is never available on windows device since Windows does not show it by default. If you want to transfer a photo with the .AAE file extension from an Apple device to a Windows device, the file will first be converted to a JPEG before being transferred.

It makes possible to keep the original photo image and any edit you might have made without overwriting it.

They are used by both iOS 8 and OS X 10.10; the former is the very first Apple device to use the file extension and the other ones came to the picture much later. If you are importing pictures to a Windows operating system from an iOS device, the JPG file will get transferred, but it will be left behind.

As a result, you will lose the edit. You can equally erase the .AAE files without deleting your pictures, but it will lead to the removal of any edit made to the pictures.

It is referenced by the Photo app anytime you are opening the JPG file associated with it. The data associated with it is saved in the form of XML and can be opened using a Notepad, TextEdit or any other text editor. In the next section of this write-up, we will look into various ways by which you can open it.

How to open .AAE extension

The method or tool you can use to open it depends a great deal on the operating system that you are using.

For those using Windows operating system, you can use programs like Microsoft Notepad to open it. You can also use virtually any other text editor. Many of them are available for use free of charge. They can be downloaded easily if you do not have them on your device already. Bear in mind that Notepad comes as a default addition to Microsoft devices.

For those using macOS, you can easily open the .AAE file by using tools like Apple Photos, Apple TextEdit or any other text editor that is compatible to Apple devices. Those using Linux Operating System can go for virtually any text editor to open it, like AbiWord, OpenOffice Writer, Boxer, Jarte, CodeLobster PPHP Edition, ConTEXT, WordPerfect and so on. Many of them are available for free download, but you will have to pay to access some other ones; the paid ones are WordPerfect, Boxer, EditPlus and even NoteTab.

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