Open ABM File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: HitPlayer Audio Album


The audio album file generated by the HitPlayer application is represented by the ABM file extension. The audio data contained in this file format offers the user improved quality for sound reproduction which it achieves by combining two audio device sources by tapping on network resource feature sets.

The application supported  comes in two variants: the HitPlayer-L and the HitPlayer-B. HitPlayer-L is described as a digital based audio system that combines two separate standalone audio players using conventional IP network services for the delivery of superior audio solutions that cater to both automated and interactive audio programs.

This format file can support streaming, locally played back, and a combination of both for audio reproduction. The HitPlayer-B format is used for broadcast backup systems including mobile devices as well as programs that require rugged rack-mounted enclosures.


Detailed information 

Category: Audio Files
Files format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: HitPlayer
Open with Linux: HitPlayer
The use of the ABM extension supports the deployment of the audio system for transportation information, interactive audio systems, entertainment sound, public address, and background music.
The capability to use the IP2 Operating System does not only allow for remotely controlling various network connected devices and shared applications, it also provides the ABM suffix to be deployed as a cross-platform format.
The HitPlayer software is the initial catalog product to be produced by Digigram for the professional IP audio range and is used as the default application for every networked audio activities of the Aztec Radiomedia.