Open BACKUP File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: ISAPI Loader Backup


The BACKUP file extension is affiliated with the ISAPI Loader Backup of the Current ISAPI Application. The ISAPI loader is the application ISAPI capable of unloading another ISAPI program. The said loader functions by unloading the presently loaded application ISAPI and substituting it with a new application of ISAPI. This entails three files including *.backup = a copy of the old .run, *.run = the currently loaded isapi application, and *.update = the new isapi application that will replace the old one.

Detailed information 

Category: Backup Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: ISAPI Application
Open with Linux: N/A
The BACKUP file extension is a copy of a file either from a hard disk or a floppy disk created to make sure that users’ data are preserved in the event that the original file copy is lost, destroyed or damaged. Meanwhile, the ISAPI Loader which uses the BACKUP extension for its backup files is intended to allow users to update their ISAPI dll without having to shut down their Web servers.
When the users’ sessions are not very volatile, the only interferences that the users would notice are the modifications being made.
This means faster updates. The ISAPI Loader is referred to as a ‘stub’ for the user’s ISAPI application and has control over the unloading and loading of the user’s DLL. When an update is made, the loader unloads the user’s old DLL and a new one is loaded.
This function works such that before the loader even begins to unload the DLL, it allows the continuation of requests by current users while at the same time putting the new ones on hold. Once requests are processed by the previous DLL, the loader swaps the DLLs.
Upon loading the new DLL, all requests that have been put on hold are consequently processed by the new DLL.