Open BAK File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Firefox Bookmarks Backup


The BAK file extension is employed by the Web browser Firefox in providing backups for the user’s bookmarks file. Files with this are generated automatically by Firefox in the replacement of bookmarks when the main file gets corrupted.

Every time the Firefox application is installed in the user’s computer system, it generates a new instance of the bookmark.html file and names it bookmark.bak.

In cases where the bookmark.html becomes corrupted, the Web browser Firefox retrieves the data contained in the bookmark.bak file right away and renames it so that it becomes the new file bookmark.html.


How to Open BAK Files

Category: Backup Files
Files format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Mozilla Firefox
Open with Linux: Mozilla Firefox
The file extension BAK’s backup function is significant in securing the data inside the system. When the file happens to have a counterpart with the BAK, it will mainly provide a restorative function for disaster recovery.
Moreover, these files are capable of restoring a small number of files that have already been tainted by elements that are malicious in nature or have been deleted.
The tasks employed by it are useful for users because they function as a defense mechanism against data loss.