Open BAS File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Basic source code


The BAS file extension and all files with the said suffix are referred to as source code files. These files have been written in the BASIC programming language or Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code.

This high-level programming language has been the basis for a number of programming languages such as Microsoft Virtual Basic.

These days, files with the suffix .bas are written in what’s called Visual Basic. Since the said format is a source code file, it then contains a statement sequence. The functions and content of the modules or files with the file extension BAS vary depending on what they had been programmed to do.

One such module is the USB Communication File, intended to enable Visual Basic to contact the USB devices and USB ports.

The files with the file extension BAS and are associated with the said function include the USBInterface.bas, OSInterface.bas, and HIDInterface.bas. However, their integration into the Visual Basic application requires the assistance of the file APIGID32.dll in order to function properly.

Detailed information 

Category: Program Executable files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Visual Basic, BBC BASIC, FreeBasic, TrueBASIC, PureBasic, REALbasic, PowerBASIC, Blitz BASIC.
Open with Linux: N/A
Files with the BAS format could also function like a Graphics Device Interface + API.
The files intended for this kind of usage are responsible for a number of tasks including drawing menus, windows, and others which have been allotted for the file user32.dll.
The GDI is generally among the three components of the Operating System of Microsoft Windows, together with the Windows API and kernel utilized for the user interface.