The 7 Best CRM For Real Estate – Top Software Systems Free List

A software that maintains customer contact data like names, addresses, as well as contact numbers is CRM (customer relationship management). It also keeps a check on client activity, website visits, phone records, emails, and much more.

CRM is starting to be a piece of priceless equipment in several fields of businesses. But do you know how it works for the real estate market? These software are fulfilling their roles by facilitating brokers in placing their clients in the property they always desired. Some are free and some are paid.

Real estate is a field of business that deals with transactions that are important for several clients. So is necessary to be clear and specific about what their clients are looking for.

Along with the capability of know what your consumer wants. You also require flexibility to be able to trade efficiently with your clients. And to get their requirements concerning possible purchases.

Let’s talk about the best CRMs a real estate firm could put into use:

Best CRM for real estate list comparative review

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one option of CRM for real estate platform that offers a common understanding of each client to each and every department in your firm.

CRM software for real estate agents, facilitates them in the simplification of agent communication, the property-acquiring procedure for their clients, and seeks to ensure a merry and fruitful relationship for everybody who is involved in the process.


Salesforce possesses a number of edges that arise from its cloud nature as it is a cloud-based CRM.

  • Salesforce CRM is formulated in such a way that it permits you to attend the problems of the client at the earliest possible time. Quicker response from your end could, in turn, save you a lot of time as well as your effort, without letting your prospective purchaser escape away.
  • As the use of Salesforce CRM provides the user with integrated data from all parts of the world, their impossible task of sorting information from diverse sources would become a piece of cake which in turn will save loads of your valuable time. Its all-time accessibility also makes the use of this software more easier as well as apt for international dealings.
  • Salesforce CRM offers you pieces of equipment that help you in reviewing your methods so that you can eradicate unfruitful ones smoothly and can employ the ones that work well for you.




  • The selection of additional products to add to your solution involves increased costs. If you hold widespread requirements in sales, client service, and marketing, much like the ones in the real estate market and intend to view them all with Salesforce goods, the note is obvious: be prepared to pay.


  • Each version of Salesforce accessible for purchase has system constraints which may hinder certain commercial transactions. These things are essential to bear in mind before you plan on opting for a CRM management system for your estate business.



Certain concerns of the clients are left unresolved at the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. If you’re owning an estate business then selecting the right CRM that answers all your customer queries on time is essential. 

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM offers firms a medium to handle and study client data, draw relations from diverse data sources in order to disclose profound knowledge and portray opportunities, create sales funnels and carry out loyalty campaigns.

The clever and user-friendly CRM solution equips you with all the basic features that are required and are not very puzzling as compared to other CRM platforms.

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, HubSpot provides a visual control panel with a real-time display of the overall sales funnel. All the inbound and outbound communications with a client like email, social network or telephone calls can be tracked.


  • Not most individuals working in the real estate market need to be IT experts. HubSpot is ideal for non-IT experts as it has a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to operate naturally and speedily along with all the additional assistance your negotiations require.
  • If you’re still seeking a strong foundation of your real estate business, then there exists no better companion than HubSpot CRM that will help your business to expand rapidly.=


  • There exist certain constraints while using this platform due to its newness and unfamiliarity in the CRM market.
  • It is prominent that HubSpot CRM is ideal for letting your business grow but a few departments working with this platform might find it complicated to use as of now.
  • Its platform is quite inflexible.


3. Pipedrive CRM

If a business plan on executing sales activities and examining details, then the Pipedrive CRM platform can be considered apt for them. This platform simplifies the procedure of all the measures involved in transforming a possible deal into a successful sale. This solution can be accessed from any browser and at all times as it is a cloud-based application.


  • The application can be operated fluently in a short period of time without the need for a kind of technical training.
  • You will be able to access any kind of data whenever you need through your mobile and the right app as we know that being a real estate agent involves multiple site trips and tiresome work.
  • Pleasing a client through beautiful visuals makes up an important part of a deal. Pipedrive CRM platform has employed a unit of designers that create eye-pleasing visuals and are convenient for the visitor to work with. They also develop powerful stunning presentations to build up a clientele.


  • Pipedrive’s major disadvantage is that it provides limited support to the visitors who visit the website. This can prove to be a loss for real estate firms as they would end up losing a client due to the inadequate provision of support.
  • Downloading and fully setting Pipedrive could be very complicated for estate firms as there are only a few leads available on the worldwide web.
  • The generation of reports from the Pipedrive platform is much easier than getting an advanced report on it. If you’re seeking for advanced reports, then you may want to consider another CRM platform.

4. Zoho CRM

The on-demand as well as SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution is non-other than Zoho CRM. This solution is fabricated majorly to direct sales, marketing, contacts, customer service as well as diverse managerial functions.

Zoho CRM allows you to personalize contact fields to elucidate the individual in more effective as well as in more considerable terms. 

Zoho CRM also instructs you on how you can personalize your fields.



  • Zoho CRM enables you to transfer any sort of mail electronically, straight out of the program.
  • It allows you to grade your potential clients and rank them accordingly so you know which one to give priority to.
  • Flexible platform with the necessary marketing communication activities. It is a platform accessible 24/7 and very flexible.



  • Being a newly-launched firm, it consists of a few technical malfunctions/foibles that are still being worked upon.
  • At times it provides considerably slow customer assistance, transferring them to several departments. That, in turn, could cause the firm clientele loss. And clients are very vital when it comes to a real estate business.
  • Some of the features of this platform require a certain amount of cost to be availed. It also takes a lot of time to set-up. 

Being a real estate firm all the above cons should be taken into account and should be considered while selecting CRM software for your business.


5. bpm’online CRM:


Bpm’online is a software platform that emphasizes on business process automation and CRM and is one of the leading software in the market of CRM platforms. This software is armed with several creative and uncommon solutions which in turn helps in simplifying your company processes, enhance staff productiveness, and makes meaningful CRM data that provides an improved and more stable service to your clients.



  • One can disclose several wealthy sources of data of landlords, agents, buyers as well as sellers that can help an estate firm in building and maintaining client relationships.
  • bpm’online CRM has your market needs covered as it takes functions like the posting of your listings on the market, evaluating campaigns and scoring your leads into account.



  • You might have to make a considerable amount of personalizations to the system, as the scope of the project is large.
  • One who is owning this software would also have to face the issues of modular pricing and would have to pick what they really would need.
  • It is important to bear the changes made into the mind as it would be difficult to go back and change it. 


6. amoCRM:

amoCRM is a CRM and sales management base on a cloud platform. It consists of bulky contact information so that agents could fix their focus on the human side of selling, fostering relationships, comparing and matching prospect choices with listings as well as the finalization of the sales.

This application also facilitates real estate in computing digital sales pipelines apart from the aforementioned functions.



  • amoCRM supplies potent abilities in a visceral interface that can even be for non-professionals.
  • amoCRM coats all several channels and draws leads from them so your contact database broadens without you proactively participating in it.



  • One of its major disadvantage is that it doesn’t work with documents.
  • It also has a few bugs with might hamper its functioning and it may create problems for estate business owners while conducting crucial transactions.
  • It also causes a slight delay during its use.


7. OnContact CRM

OnContact CRM is renowned by long-standing consumers for its variety of progressed features. The  new 10th edition gets you hard sales, marketing mechanization, customer assistance and contact center. The vital features it has, are on a sole dashboard so that you wouldn’t need to master intricate navigation patterns.



  • It offers a supplementary procedure for fragmenting your client list. You can effortlessly trace the operations of all the parties concerned with the transactions of the estate.
  • Making use of that fragmented data of clients and potentials permits you to formulate customized working procedures. It will facilitate the automation of your communications. Which in turn will give rise to your efficiency.
  • The unification for your web address with your CRM  ensures that your website is current or not. It also permits you to put emphasis on clients rather than tiresome and boring website upkeeping.



  • Small businesses might find the process of implementation overwhelming. As a result of the absolute number of features incorporated.
  • And the three-user minimum and insufficiency of a low-level layered edition of the software may also grant small and microbusiness owners a halt.
  • It is a little costly as compared to other CRM systems and not all businesses might find it suitable enough.


How to choose the best CRM for real estate

A great sales equipment can prove to be a great companion to your CRM for real estate platform. Which in turn would help to generate more sales and leads. You can acquire these leads by making use of predefined requirements. 

If you have picked the CRM of your choice then you also should search for CRM software platforms. You can also search for some ideal marketing pieces of equipment that will facilitate you to compete better.

Take into account the price, features, pros and cons to choose it.