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The preceding decade has been a spectrum of innovations and trends. The small business are excelling growth by developing a good understanding with their customers. Finally, something sensible is going on in the market. An approach that makes you aware of the need and a solution everyone is seeking. A business built on such criteria always grows and reaches extensions along with customer integrity.

CRM is a tool that makes your task of understanding a customer easier, also in a small business. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool which has functions to observe and analyse customer’s purchase behaviour. It has gained popularity in no time and has approached several doors of the business world. Not just large organisations, but also the small businesses and startups are now investing in CRM to build a loyal customer base. 

There are multiple options of CRM programs and systems in the market, which clearly, makes it difficult for you to choose the most suitable one. Well!!! Not to worry as we bring you the most effective CRM available in the market that suits your business and requirement. Before Starting With “What are the Best CRM for Small Businesses”, Let’s Understand Why You Need It? 


Why a CRM for a Small Business

In context to the small business, the possible reach of clientele doesn’t extend borders, though they are enough to have software that could manage the customer reports and ongoing processes.

A CRM (customer relationship management) is most useful for a small business not just to have better management, but also to grow sales. As per a report, incorporating a CRM in your business can help you grow your sales up to 29%. Isn’t that amazing, so now let’s see how it works. 

  1. With CRM, the sales department can record all the contact details of their customers, along with the activities, opportunities, plans etc. The CRM provides approachable access to such data from any region. It ensures the safety of the data. 
  2. The sales team gets their work analysis easier with weekly and monthly reports. The best part is that these reports are made automatically and allows the management to have information about current progress going on in the sales department. 
  3. The selection criteria allow the sales team to classify data into different sets and identify the best opportunities for increasing sales. This process helps in time-saving spend on organizing and analysing scattered data.  
  4. The CRM software is capable of tracking down the communications between the sales team and customer and hence helps in closing a sale by setting communication at the right time.
  5. Maybe the cost a CRM is a little expensive, however, this one-time investment would provide savings for in future. The cost of saving can be done in the form of minimising errors. Those errors would probably engage a lot of cost and efforts.


Best CRM for Small Business

Now, let us look at the CRMs with their features, Pros and Cons that better match a small business. 


1. Salesmate

salesmate website

Salesmate CRM software is one of the most preferred choices on the list of small business and start-ups. The thing which makes it the best choice is the affordability that brings you remarkable features for managing and coordinating the marketing and sales operations.

A user can get most out of the Salesmate CRM by utilising it’s Built-in calling feature, as it provides calling facility within the system and develops a better record of the interaction. The calling process can begin easily by using toll-free numbers and other virtual phone numbers. Let’s look at some amazing features of Salesmate: 


  1. Salesmate can sync with google apps providing ease in operations. 
  2. It automates workflow. 
  3. The smart contact management system allows the user to have an entire view of the customer profile. 
  4. It automates emails, like welcome emails. 
  5. It helps in scheduling and managing meetings and deals. 
  6. Salesmate connects the entire organisation with its team inbox
  7. It helps in the management of product and services. 
  8. The Salesmate CRM is flexible and can be used in Android and IOS devices. 
  9. The software provides integration facilities with software such as Drive, Zapier, ClearBit, Gmail, Wufoo, PieSync, Slack, RingCentral and much more. 
  10.  The respective teams can effectively manage their activities.
  11. It helps in forecasting sales.
  12. The software also provides visual sales reports, revenue reports and can assist in analysing sales and tracking goal.  



  1. The best part of Salesmate is that it is affordable and can be used conveniently.
  2. The user interface and features like internal e-mail sender, report maker, workflow automation and customer support can make a lot of work easy than certainly, anyone expects from a CRM.
  3. This software can organize the working in few clicks. Even one can look for the progress in sales, check out the schedules and also organize emails with this CRM. The UI design of this software is simpler and structured.
  4. Another best part is the support, you can take any sort of query regarding the software and the customer support team is up there for all. 



  1. There are not much drawbacks or cons of this CRM software, only the system for texting message is not much used. 
  2. Mostly this app covers most of the 3rd party apps, however, there are more options of integration.


2. Insightly

For all the organisations with multiple levels, Insightly a CRM that would meet all your requirements with its amazing, interesting and robust features. Insightly has got a delivery system and in-built system for managing projects that would handle tasks efficiently. Here are some of the more significant features of Insightly.


  • The CRM software can track leads and route them accordingly.
  • This system also helps in automating workflow. 
  • It helps in tracking emails. 
  • The management of the project and its delivery becomes easier.
  • CRM is capable of building and using custom apps.
  • Insightly has got suitable mobile versions for iOS and Android specifically.
  • With Insightly, you can integrate more than 25 tools to your system.



  1. The best part of Insightly is it allows you to link the events with the clients making things more relevant.
  2. Insightly has got a great scope of storage, and along with that, it is a convenient gadget for integrating Gmail.
  3. One can buy out it at a very reasonable cost with simple basic functions.
  4. One would acknowledge the cost of this system with its robustness.
  5. The integrated project management system allows the users to
  1. Track the performance of the project as per the set timelines
  2. You can create milestones for your project. 
  3. Also one can place automatic alerts for emails.
  4. And also one can track the email correspondence. 



  1. A little complex in-built support, that means one may find it difficult to look for the answers in the software.
  2. This software might won’t provide enough to the real-estate sector.
  3. The mass #tag feature cannot be deleted.


  1. Freshsales

Freshsales is one of the most suitable CRM in the market for a small business. Likewise the Salesmate, it has also got the in-built calling facility. Freshsales can help the businesses in a lot of ways including lead scoring, sales pipeline, activity tracking and much more. Although the integrations in Freshsales are quite less, still it can provide much ease to the start-ups and small businesses. Here are some of the amazing features of Freshsales.


  1. One can have better interaction with in-built texting and calling feature.
  2. It makes easier to track leads and accordingly provide score and assignment.
  3. Users can administer contact information through files, tasks and notes.
  4. The CRM is effective in deal management and visual sales pipeline.
  5. It provides the facility of real-time visitor tracking.
  6. The CRM is capable of syncing emails as well as tracking them.
  7. The CRM can smartly analyse and forecast. 



  1. The CRM is strong and can be conveniently operated, even users can have customised usage of it.
  2. The users are allowed to have several fields among all the columns.
  3. One can get all the details of the customer via the search bar.
  4. The history of the customer can be extracted through synchronization of emails.
  5. The software allows you to send bulk emails at a time.
  6. Separate files are there to export data.
  7. The CRM is capable of creating APIs that helps in integrating the software to other systems. Also, it provides a holistic view through the open view of sales campaigns and bulk emails.
  8. User can create sales funnel and keep up with the follow-ups through email tracking which is very useful for the business. 


  1. The drawback of this CRM software is that redundancy in speed in a case of the highly loaded database.
  2. Lower levels cannot be privately labelled.
  3. The icons for editing a field and adding a call log are similar, although development is still going on.
  4. CRM lacks automation reminders.


  1. Close

Close a specified CRM made especially for the internal sales team. This CRM is focused to optimize the sales operations and certainly bring more business for the organization. Being one of the best CRMs, Close does have an in-built calling feature. Here are some more features that would interest you,


  1. The CRM provides email sync facilities along with tracking progress with insights.
  2. The CRM provides personalized templates for massive emailing.
  3. It helps in tracking the current activities with sales goals.
  4. This CRM is capable of analysing the performance of sales employees.
  5. The major integration of the system includes Wufoo, Zapier, Zendesk and much more.
  6. Close persist the in-built calling and texting feature.
  7. The feature of predictive dialer helps you to make several calls at a single time.



  1. The CRM is reportedly very efficient in improving sales, also it is a robust software.
  2. Close CRM has got one of the quickest customer supports and provides exceptional solutions.
  3. The software is clearly sales-oriented and performs each of its functions with absolute precision. 
  4. Close software is convenient for usage and also persist in smart design with smart workflow.



  1. Close is one of the most expensive CRM software available in the market, although it’s worth spending that massive amount. The price tag of this software speaks the worth itself. However, for small businesses with less capital, a user may likely switch to other alternatives with just half of its price.
  2. Apart from everything, it is true that Close CRM is the most appropriate choice for calling sales teams and if your business lacks the calling part, then this software is maybe not suitable. This software is majorly dependent on sales stuff and probably calling sales departments would be in a great need of it.
  3. When it comes to client management, this software doesn’t seem to fit in. Small businesses or the start-ups must check with the needs of their organisation and then go on with the purchasing stuff.  
  4. This software would have been a blast with the feature of the learning curve as it would allow performing better and better.


5. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Website

Are you looking for a CRM that helps you get an improved view of pipelines? If yes, then Zendesk Sell is the one. This sales-oriented software is one of the best solutions to comply with the needs of any sales team. Sell helps in prioritizing leads so that the number of closed sales could improve. Here are some of the amazing features of Zendesk Sell that would attract you:


  1. The Zendesk Sell CRM software provides in-built texting and calling feature. 
  2. The software can easily track emails. 
  3. It has got integration with some amazing applications such as Google Suite, Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox and much more. 
  4. The CRM consists of a separate contact management system for better data storage.



  1. The software is completely simple and non-complicated.
  2. The UXI design makes it convenient for usage.
  3. The structure of the software is organised making the navigation easier.



  1. Although, the user may find some features missing, like the invoicing.
  2. The installation costs of Sells CRM is a little higher.
  3. The app needs some upgradations.


The Free CRM for Small Business

Apart from the trial versions of the mentioned systems. There are other recommended free software systems and CRM programs.

  • Freshsales
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Insightly
  • Apptivo
  • Agile CRM
  • Zoho CRM


So here we came to an end for the best CRM software for small businesses. Hoping that you found a suitable one for you, we suggest deciding looking into the operations of your business first and then decide on the suitable CRM. It is not at all necessary to go for multiple features, all you need to check is the adaptability and suitability of the particular CRM in your business operations.