Best Files Manager for Android Free


What is the Best File Manager for Android

You can do a lot with files manager apps on your android device. Some even consider the apps as the best addition to any mobile device.

These apps can help to browse the various file on your device. Also locate the files you have downloaded.  In addition, manage the storage space on your mobile device. Furthermore, the file manager can help move things around. And change the locations of files from one folder to another.

The benefits are simply endless. If you are not keen on file organization but need to keep your files well organized, there is no better way to do that than by downloading the file manager on your android phone.

You can download the apk of Many of these files manager from the Google Play store. They will not occupy much space on your mobile device. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will consider some of the best files manager apps apk for your android device.

For each, there will be a link to download the apk and a description.


Amaze File Manager

Amaze file manager is 100% free. However, you will have to put up with in-app purchases. This file manager app is relatively new and it works very fine. It is an open source app and also works perfectly for light file browsing.

It comes with various features like root explorer, built-in app manager to uninstall any app, SMB file sharing and even Material Design features. The in-app purchase is optional and you can use it without making any purchase. You may only decide to buy anything if you want to make a voluntary contribution to the development of the app.


Astro File manager

Astro file manager is also available for free. It is one of the oldest of all available files manager apps. The journey to popularity had, however, not been easy for the app; it has experienced its moments of highs and lows.

Be that as it may, it is one of the bestapps you can trust thanks to its many helpful features like archive extraction support, (ZIP and RAR), app management, file compression, cloud storage support and even SD card support. The usage is simple and the Material Design UI is top notch.

There is also no ad to worry about, which makes it stand out from several other manager apps. The app was developed by Metago. It also comes with a beta version for those who prefer the latest features that can also work faster.


ASUS File manager

Asus File Manager apk is yet another free tool for your android device. It is an OEM app and it is very good. This app is highly compatible with many devices, including Android devices, as well as, non-ASUS devices. The interface looks simple and clean at the same time; it also has both SMB and LAN support.

Some other features that make this app to stand out are archiving support. Support for different types of files, simple interface with SMB and LAN support and so on. You will never have to worry about any in-app purchase in this free app. Despite the many good parts of this app, it does not have root access; you will also have to put up with some ads.


FX File Explorer

FX file explorer apk is available both as a free option and as a paid option. Even at that, the paid option is very cheap. It is also comparatively new and comes with many of the usual features for easy management of your files and media. It comes with multi-window support, encrypted archived files, support for network storage like FTP and so on. Whatever you may need from a file manager, FX File Explorer has got it.

Furthermore, the app comes with a text editor. And its archive support works with less popular stuff, like 7zip, Bzip2 and GZip. One other beautify thing about the app is that it does not include any ads; it also does not track your mobile device. If you want to switch away from ES File Explore, this is particularly the better option for you.


MiXplorer Silver

Mixplorer silver is not free. it will cost you $4.49. It is about the newest of all the file explorers in consideration here. And it comes with numerous impressive features capable of giving top value for money. The files manager app can be used for browsing files on your Android device and provides archive support. The file equally supports cloud storage and has an HTML viewer. It has niche features for PDF, MobiPlacket and ePub.

The app equally comes with great plugins to make your experience one in a million; the plugins increase the functionality of the app a great deal. This app can provide better achieve support than PDF support. As stated earlier, it is not available for free download.


MK Explorer

MK Explore has a free version and the premium version will cost you up to $4.99. It is also one of the latest on the list of files manager apps. This app does not come with as much flair as several other apps. It is, therefore, the best to consider for those who need something simple.

The app comes with a Material Design interface. It is also capable of the basic file management features, like delete, paste and copy.

Those who use Android Lollipop 5.0+ can also access SD card support when they use this app. The app equally supports over 20 languages, as well as, come with a built-in text editor, music player and gallery.

This app was, however, last updated in 2016. You should bear this in mind when downloading it. It is, therefore, important to only use it if you are using older versions of Android operating systems, like Marshmallow or Lollipop.


The Best Files Managers

Each of the files manager apps mentioned above is good. Also, each of them has specific features that make it the best for your device. Just check through the various features to determine which of them is best for you and download it.

Do not also forget to consider how much space each of the apps will occupy on your device before downloading it.