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File Extension List starting with C


File Types Alphabetical List starting with C


  • CAJ - CAJViewer Full-text database
  • CAL - Calendar, CALS raster, Cakewalk Application Language script, CyberAudioLibrary link, Daqarta Extended audio data, digital camera firmware update, QV Map Geographic coordinates, radiance function, schedule data, superCalc worksheet
  • CBR - Comic Book RAR Archive
  • CDR - CorelDRAW Image
  • CFG - Configuration files format
  • CLASS - Java class
  • CNT - Help Contents Tab
  • Config - Microsoft's NET Application Configuration Information, CRiSP Harvest file, Rockbox Configuration File, WatchDirectory Task Information, Pro/ENGINEER configuration, DataFlex configuration file and the Delphi project configuration.
  • CPY - eCopy Scanned Document, Atari Ramdrive CPY Commands, Cobol Include, Copy Books Data File, RM/COBOL Development System Include, CryptaPix Encrypted.
  • CRDOWNLOAD - Chrome download
  • CSS - Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet
  • CSV - Comma Separated Values
  • CT - Cheat Engine Cheat Table
  • CTG - Canon Catalog Index