Open CAL File – What is and How to View – Format and Opener Programs

File type: 

  • Calendar files,
  • CALS raster,
  • Cakewalk Application Language script,
  • CyberAudioLibrary link, Daqarta Extended audio data,
  • digital camera firmware update,
  • QV Map Geographic coordinates,
  • radiance function file format,
  • schedule data,
  • superCalc worksheet


Problems with this file format? Does your computer fail to open?  Know here what CAL files are and how to open it.


What is a CAL file?

The file extension Cal is commonly associated with calendar and scheduling applications. The CAL files have the events and dates included in the calendar schedule. It may contain for each calendar month custom images.

Among the many uses of the CAL file extension is to name the calendar files of many applications. These include:
  • American Greetings CreateaCard,
  • PrintMaster,
  • Broderbund software,
  • Printmaster,
  • DOS Calendar Creator,
  • MS Windows 3.x Calendar,
  • HTML Calendar Maker Pro,
  • and Print Shop.
cal image
Similar to its function as a calendar file, the CAL extension also names CALS Raster files. This is another bitmap format file developed during the 1980s.
Back then, it was the standard graphics data interchange for electronic publishing for the government. The name CALS is the acronym for Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support.
Today, that same extension is for several graphics applications like:
  • the Adobe Photoshop,
  • Graphics Converter Pro,
  • PhotoPhilia,
  • and Paint Shop Pro.


CAL files are developed in the 3ds Max software that is used for 3D modeling and animation. It has the Biped characters stored in FIG files in association with CAL files can be.


How to Open CAL files?


Unable to open on the computer may be due to various reasons. The foremost reason is lacking suitable software to support CAL installed on the device. The simplest way of solving this issue is to download the appropriate application.


Category: Graphic files, Data files, Script files, Audio files
File format: Proprietary
With Windows:
  • Broderbund Print Shop,
  • Calendar Creator,
  • American Greetings CreateaCard,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Geomagic
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2,
  • Graphics Converter Pro,
  • Cakewalk Application Language,
  • CyberAudio, Daqarta,
  • DOS Calendar Creator,
  • HTML Calendar Maker Pro,
  • PhotoSmart 850 Digital Camera,
  • QV Map, Radiance Function,
  • SuperCalc,
  • MS Windows 3.x Calendar
  • Google Calendar
With Linux:
  • Broderbund Print Shop,
  • Printmaster,
  • Adobe Photoshop


Moreover, the CAL file works as an application language script file for Cakewalk. This is a programming language used to process various events. Cakewalk can be used to extend Pro Audio as well as Professional with its custom-editing instructions.
The CAL extension is also an audio file for Daqarta, an audio application to produce better performance of the Windows sound card. CyberAudioLibrary also use the CAL extension as its audio file.
Meanwhile, this file extension works as a useful coordinates file for the QV Map Geographic.
This application creates a topographic file with the PNY file extension. This file is used for some GPS applications. It works as a geographic coordinates for every PNY file.


Likely problems with CAL format files

The inability to operate or open it always does not mean you have not installed the software on your computer. Other issues are blocking the ability to operate the CAL S Raster Image Format File. However, here is a list of likely problems opening the CAL files:

  • It is corrupted when it is being opened.
  • Incorrect links in registry entries.
  • Accidental deletion of the CAL description from the Windows registry
  • Incomplete installation of application supporting the format of CAL.
  • It gets infected when it is open with some undesirable malware
  • The computer lacks hardware resources to handle the opening
  • Equipment drivers used by the computer are out of date to open it.


If you are certain that any of these reasons exist or maybe the problem in your case, you should check. If not, the CAL file will operate without any problem with your programs.

Also, If the problem is not any of all these likely issues. Then it may be some rare problem in the opening  The only option now is to seek staff assistance.


How to associate with installed software?


If you wish to associate CAL format with some new program, you can do it in two ways:

  1. The easiest and the first way is to select a the file and right-click on it.
  2. From the drop-down menu, ‘choose default program’.
  3. Click on ‘Browse’ to find the desired program.
  4. You should confirm this operation entirely by clicking ‘Ok.’


  • The tough and second way is to associate the file extension of CAL in the Windows Registry to the corresponding software.


Many files just contain simple text data. If you try to open the file with a text editor like notepad. Then some data will be encoded.

This method facilitates you to glance at the file’s contents, but it may not be possible to see in a structure as a program actually supports to dedicate seeing them.