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Open CPY file

File type: eCopy Scanned Document, Atari Ramdrive CPY Commands, Cobol Include, Copy Books Data File, RM/COBOL Development System Include, CryptaPix Encrypted.


The CPY file extension is utilized by a number of software applications. The application eCopy uses the CPY file extension as a Scanned Document, Atari Ramdrive uses it as a CPY Commands document, Cobol uses it as an Include file, Copy Books uses it as a Data File, RM/COBOL Development System uses it as an Include File, and CryptaPix as an Encrypted file.
The ECopy, when run, allows the user to work in a more efficient and faster manner with the created PDF files via document sharing.
It allows the user to easily combine, edit and capture documents that have been scanned; hence, the user's originally scanned documents will appear as any other electronic files.
When the file is run, it allows the sharing of digital copiers and scanners that easily convert paper-based documents into digital-type information.

Detailed information 

Category: Text files, Setting files, Developer files, Data files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: eCopy, Atari, Cobol, Copy Books, RM/COBOL Development System, CryptaPix
Open with Linux: COBOL
Another familiar program using the CPY file extension is the Atari Ramdrive. The Ramdrive has 2 links, namely, the RAMDRIVE.CFG and RAMDRIVE.CPY. When the RAMDRIVE.CPY is run, it operates in the same manner as that with the RAMDRIVE.CFG file.
The file extension's most helpful function is the formatting of ramdrives.
The RAMDRIVE.CPY file enables the user to copy selected Atari files as well as format these selected files. The program however operates only on Atari 8-bit computers.



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