Open CRDOWNLOAD File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

  • File type: Downloads
  • Description: Chrome Partially Downloaded Files. Google Chrome download in progress. Chrome resume download.
  • Extension: .CRDOWNLOAD

crdownload file

What is a .CRDOWNLOAD file

The CRDownload file extension represents a file downloaded in the google chrome browser or Chromium. It can be in one of the following status:

  • Partially downloaded or in progress.
  • A cancelled download.
  • A paused download

If you see CRDOWNLOAD files type on your computer make sure you are not already downloading something. It is either unconfirmed or uncompleted.

google chrome downloads

Usually .crdownload files are incomplete. When the download finishes google chrome deletes the file from the system. If there is an interruption it will not be possible to delete it automatically. In this case the user will have to delete it manually.

In general this format is useless. It can not be viewed or recovered. But before deleting it, make sure you run google chrome. The browser will do some checks with it.

How to recover or convert .CRDOWNLOAD files

If you are using Google Chrome or Chromium your download is is this format before finishes. If there is an interruption you can recover the files partially.

  1. Search for your crdownload files.
  2. Delete the extension .crdownload.
  3. Open with the appropiate program. Depending on the download type it can be a document, an image, a video.
  4. If it doesn’t work you will have to download it again.

How to open CRDownload Files online free

The following openers are available online. Select an opener or reader application and download it.

Category: Web Files or misc.
File format: Open-Source
Open with Windows:
Open with Linux:
Open with mac os:
  • Chromium of Google Chrome
This extension was created by google.



What is a unconfirmed CRDownload?

These files are a stopped or paused download. You can delete it if you don’t want to resume the download, if not you have to keep it.

How to convert from CrDownload to MP4?

There is no way to do the conversion online and free. However, if the downloaded file is a MP4 then you can rename it to convert to .MP4. This will be like a conversion.

For example, video.crdownload will be renamed to video.mp4


In general, you can convert these files to their original format: PDF, APK, MP3 or others.


What is a Unconfirmed CRDownload Virus?

The unconfirmed virus is a file, with the name 325046.crdownload that is a virus. It is a trojan virus. The idea of this archive is to access remotely to steal information. Be aware and don’t download any filename like this.


How to resume

To resume it you have to manually unpause or resume the download files.


Can I Delete the files safely?

You can delete crdownload files safely if the download is finished. However if the download is paused or running you have to wait for it to finish.


How to view downloads in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser
  2. Type in the navigation bar chrome://downloads/ or click CTRL + J

There you can view and delete the downloads in Google Chrome the completed ones and also the failed and unconfirmed.


How to create a .CRDOWNLOAD file

You can’t create these files for yourself. Only Google Chrome creates them when a download starts.