Open CT File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Cheat Engine Cheat Table


The CT file extension is used to symbolize the Cheat Table files saved by the Cheat Engine software users. As the application’s name suggests, it is intended to provide video game players with a distinct advantage by allowing them to cheat on majority of computer gaming applications. This format file can only be made accessible or modified through the use of the Cheat Engine program.

The CT format file is used as a container unit for the listing of different game attributes which can be shared with other players of the same video game to omit the need for retyping the cheat commands during runtime of the game.

The contents of this file normally cover manual addresses, pointers, and scripts which are broken down to allow the use of unlimited resources during the game time.


Detailed information 

Category: Data Files
File format: Open-Source
Open with Windows: Cheat Engine
Open with Linux: N/A
This tool is basically an open-source utility which allows other game developers or players with programming experience to implement additional feature sets (authorized or otherwise) for the application. The CT extension supports useful functionalities which can be used for debugging of computer games and normal programs as well.
The program responsible for creating this file format also features a memory scanner module to search for application variables utilized during the game. This provides the gamer with the ability to change their values. The CT extension also supports the assembler, disassembler, trainer maker, speedhack, system inspection tools, and direct 3D manipulation tools of the software.
The installation process includes the extraction of a tutorial file intended to serve as a reference for users with no programming background. The Cheat Engine is currently the most popular free application in the market in the area of cheating software.
During the earlier part of its deployment, it also made a tremendous impact on the online gaming market providing players using the application with an advantage against their competitors. The CT format file is also used in relation to the creation of Aimbots.