Open DATA File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

This file extension was developed by Appricon and categorized as a data file. It also comes in the text format. It is used by Analysis Studio, which is a data mining and statistical analysis program.

It contains mined data and it is stored in the form of a plaintext and tab-delimited format. It also includes an Analysis Studio header. They are usually used in storing data to be used for analysis online when it is connected to an Analysis Studio server; it can equally be used in online mode.

They are generally referred to as data files. Also, they can be called Analysis Studio offline data files. This format and the Analysis Studio software were developed by Appricon and the purpose was to make available to users offline analytical and data storage functionalities, as well as, analysis, management, storage, research and so on. Any user that gets disconnected from the Analysis Studio server can access it in offline mode.

Be that as it may, the Analysis Studio software also makes available user access to the content in online mode. The contents can include data encoded in tab-delimited or in plain text format.

It can contain data from different sources; examples of the sources are SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases. The files are paired with a corresponding .STP.

The .STP contains the object information and project data schema they have a tab-delimited format and can be imported into Microsoft Excel once the header information is stripped.

This extension is given to the files already created using different software applications. They are also used by the various software applications. The files are compatible with Mac, Unix and Linux operating systems. Most of them are stored in the binary format.

They can contain different types, like libraries, project, document files and several others.


How to open DATA files

If you are a Windows user, you can open it using the following programs:

  • WinRAR
  • WindowsR Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Any Video Converter
  • Dragon UnPACKer

Many of the programs highlighted above are available for free, but you will have to pay a token for some other programs.

You can launch a .DATA file or just any other on your computer by simply double-clicking on it. If you set up the association correctly, the application developed for opening it will get that done effortlessly.

There are times you will have the right application on your PC but it is yet associated with it. You can easily tell Windows the particular application to use for that. It will then become very easy to open it correctly using the right application.

It is not safe to rename the extension on this files or any other since this can change the type. You can only change the file from one type to another by using special conversion software only.