Open DOWNLOAD File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Mozilla Partially Downloaded Files


What is a .Download File

The DOWNLOAD represents a partially downloaded file by the Download Manager component of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser program.
This files represent that it is either currently being actively downloaded or awaiting for additional download resource to completely retrieve the target file.
This may also signify files which the user has intentionally stopped the downloading process for one reason or another.
The downloading of the files with the DOWNLOAD file extension can be resumed by the user once an active Internet connection under the same Web browser initiated the downloading.
This file extension is normally replaced with the appropriated format once the downloading process  has been successfully completed.
Under the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, the user has the option of pausing, cancelling, and resuming the download process along with the functionality of specifying the exact location where the downloaded file should be stored by the application.
Currently, there are duplications of coding that relate to the path name and files validation process used by the browser and its external helper application service caused by the lack of an overall simplified API to cover the file transfer coalescing process.

How to Open Download Files

Category: Web Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Mozilla Firefox , Safari
Open with Linux: Mozilla Firefox , Safari
  1. Find your file
  2. Double click on it
  3. If it is not opened by default. Select the program: mozilla firefox or Safari
  4. Click on it
There are instances where in the download process becomes sluggish. This is probably caused by the DOWNLOAD extension having a long downloads history.
Essentially, when a paused download process receives a resume instruction, the application initially verifies the downloads history to check on the status of the download files. Then, identify the point where the process was stopped, and the sites involved in the downloading process.
The DOWNLOAD extension normally does not support Torrents.
The Download Manager component of Mozilla Firefox has also undergone significant changes with the introduction of the Firefox 3. It supports the development of decreasing the efforts involved in the use of it. Including the improvement of the interaction between the user and the software.
It supports two essential processes involved in the file downloading operation:
  • Controlling and watching the download progress,
  • And locating files that the user has downloaded in the past.

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