Open DOWNLOADING File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

What is a .Downloading File

The .download files are categorized as a web type and has the Text and Binary format.

It is a file being downloaded currently from the internet or paused or stopped while the downloading has not completed. You can continue by simply double-clicking on the file on the same web browser where you started it originally.

.Download files are created by Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari web browsers. When either Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari is downloading a file, it is automatically given the .download extension.

If you are downloading greatname.mp4, for example, it will be renamed as by these web browsers. After the file has been downloaded, the .download will be automatically removed from the filename and the downloaded file will be available for use. While it is being downloaded, it will most probably be seen in the “Downloads” folder.

If there is an interruption in the downloading process while it is going on, you will not have a problem recovering the file. All you have to do is to delete the .download extension and then view it using the right program. If you find it difficult to open the file, then it is advisable to delete the partially downloaded file and download it again.

FilesĀ  that are actively being downloaded can also be saved by some P2PP file sharing websites using the .download extension. The extension will be replaced with the appropriate file extension at the completion of the downloads.

The download process is usually monitored by a Manager and virtually every device has a download manager already installed. If it does not come with the device, it should be present in the web browser you are using on your device, be it a PC or a mobile device. The Manager is responsible for adding the .download extension to the file being downloaded and for removing the extension after the downloading is completed.


How to open .downloading files

You can open .downloading files both on Windows and Mac Operating Systems. For those using Windows, you can access the file using both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

This is because each of these browsers automatically opens a folder for the files being downloaded. After the file has been downloaded completely, you can also access these files by opening the DOWNLOADS folders in each of these web browsers.

For those using MacOS, you can access or open the .download files using web browsers like Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

If you cannot open .download files on your computer, you should never delay in installing any of the web browsers mentioned above provided it is compatible with the device you are using. Bear in mind that those using mobile devices can also view the .download files getting any of the web browsers described above.

Those using Android devices can download Google Chrome or Firefox on their devices with which they can open the .download file.

Those using Apple devices can download Safari or Mozilla Firefox on their devices with which they can access the .downloading files

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