Open ECF File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Outlook Add-in


The ECF file extension is employed for adding extra features to the email program MS Outlook. It is managed by means of the Add-In Manager under the Outlook’s Advanced Options.

For today’s businesses, email is a critical communications tool that provides the production of the best results. The reliance on email has resulted in the increase of received and sent messages, the work variety accomplished, and the business’ speed itself.

The said change is also followed by the evolution of employee expectation. Presently, employees search for rich and efficient access to calendars, attachments, email, contacts, etc. no matter what device type they are employing or where they may be.

As for professionals involved in Information Technology, the delivery of message systems capable of addressing the needs of users would have to be balanced out with other requirements that include cost and security.

The security requirements of enterprises have grown more complex because of the increase in the use and demand for email.

The IT departments of enterprises today would have to contend with threats to email security that ranges from continually evolving viruses and spam, email vulnerability to tampering and interception, and non-compliance risks.


Detailed information 

Category: Plugin Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Windows Microsoft Outlook, Micrografx Media Manager
Open with Linux: Microsoft Outlook, Micrografx Media Manager
The ECF file extension also adds the extra features in the Micrografx program. The Micrografx Media Manager provides users with an easy and convenient way to catalog, find, utilize and organize Clip Art that is not yet in a collection.
It allows users to group Clip Art frequently used into one handy subject. For instance, users could make a collection entitled ‘My Stuff’ under a subject called ‘Our Family’ where BMP files that had been created from scanning family pictures are added as items. Users may opt to create subjects and collections that contain frequently used clip art so that it is conveniently available in a single location.
Items could also be copied from a subject onto the user’s personal subject. The Media Manager could be accessed by means of the Effect Gallery’s Clip