Open EML File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Outlook Express Saved Mail Message


The EML file extension is employed in the identification of Outlook Express Saved Mail Message files belonging to the range of Microsoft email management applications that include Outlook Express and Outlook.
The EML files are related to an email that has been saved for storage or forwarding purposes. The said files could be viewed using a number of viewing and email reading programs.
It is also associated with the emlBridge which is capable of importing the EML files into almost every Email Client. The emlBridge allows users to import the rfc822 standard text email files into applications such as the Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Outlook. The emlBridge functions like a personal Pop Server that enables users to receive the EML from their exports and backups making transfers a breeze.

How to open EML Files

Category: Miscellaneous Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft Entourage, Windows Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer
Open with Linux: Windows Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
The EML file format is actually an email message that has been saved using the Microsoft Outlook or other email applications. It could also contain email attachments.
The Outlook Express is an email or news client that comes with the Internet Explorer browser versions 4.0 through 6.0. It is also bundled with a number of versions of the Microsoft Windows that include Windows 98 up until Windows XP. In the Windows Vista, the Outlook Express is substituted with the Windows Mail. Windows Live Mail has been the successor of the Windows Mail and the Outlook Express.
The Outlook Express is different from the Microsoft Office Outlook email client that ships with the Windows Microsoft Office. Both of these applications have e common codebase and a similar architectural philosophy.
The EML files could be opened via the Internet Explorer browser because they have been formatted like the MHT files. Modifying the file extension from the EML extension to the MHT causes the said files to be opened directly in the Internet Explorer program.