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open ENC file

  • File type: Encoded File, Copysafe Protected PDF File, Electronic Navigation Chart
  • Extension: .enc
  • mime type: application/octet-stream


What is

The ENC file extension is employed in saving files that have been encoded using the UUE format.

The encoded files are often encoded by specific applications such as Adobe Flash or IBM Lotus 1-2-3. Encoding is done in order to protect files from being accessed and opened by unauthorized users.

It is considered a UUEncoded file and a compressed file. The said file extension is comprised of binary which could be sent via email and may be posted in newsgroups like Usenet.

The files with the ENC file extension employ a binary-to-text encoding which is technically referred to as UUEncoding.

The term has been derived from the UNIX-to-UNIX encoding. The compressed files of this format are capable of undoing the outcome of the UUEncode command. This involves recreating the file with the ENC file extension to its true or original form.


Detailed information

Category: Encoded Files, Page Layout Files, Data Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows:
  • Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe,
  • ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Converter,
  • ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Reader,
  • NOAA ENC Direct to GIS
Open with Linux: Smith Micro Stuffit Expander encoded program
The ENC file extension is used in the identification of the Copysafe Protected PDF File generated using the CopySafe PDF software.
This prevents the texts and images from being replicated and also protects against commands such as Printscreen and screen capture. It may also include date expiration, printing protection and password protection.
The said file extension is also employed by the Navigational chart format utilized by the Office of Coast Survey or OCS.
The Electronic Navigation Chart File is also referred to as the NOAA .enc files. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Electronic Navigation Chart files.
The ENC files of NOAA are saved as a chart features database where the information saved in the ENC file includes every chart feature's location and attributes like shape, depth, color, etc.
It is also utilized by the software package BlackICE which functions as a log for evidence and is described as a standard format in the industry.
The BlackICE software package is an anti-virus application dedicated to protect desktop computers from attacks.
It can be viewed and read using the Microsoft Network Monitor and a number of network packet captures tools.
Evidence files containing the ENC file extension are employed by security experts in instances where the computer of the customer is being attacked by viruses.