What is an ENC File and how to open it

  • File type:
    • Encoded Files or generic encoded file
    • Encrypted file
    • Copysafe Protected PDF Files,
    • Electronic Navigation Chart file
    • Encore musical notation format
    • Cabal online data file
  • Extension: .enc
  • mime type: application/octet-stream
  • Category: binary files, Music file, Encoded file, Page Layout, file compression and Data Files


What is a .enc file

There are many types of ENC file extension.

In saving files that have been encoded using the UUE format. The encoded files are often encoded by specific applications such as Adobe Flash or IBM Lotus 1-2-3. Encoding is done to encrypt content in order to protect the data of a file from being accessed and opened by unauthorized users and other unauthorized access. It is an encryption format.

ENC files or encrypted files are considered a UUEncoded and a compressed file. The format is comprised of binary which could be sent via email and may be posted in newsgroups like Usenet. This data file format employs a binary-to-text encoding which is technically referred to as UUEncoding. The term has been derived from the UNIX-to-UNIX encoding.

The compressed files of this format are capable of undoing the outcome of the UUEncode command. This involves recreating the file with the ENC extension to its true or original form. The ENC File also has the name NOAA electronic navigational chart. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Electronic Navigation Chart files.

NOAA files are saved as a chart features database where the information saved includes every chart feature’s location and attributes like shape, depth, color, etc. It is also a music file extension from the Encore program
The said enc file extension is also employed by the Navigational chart format utilized by the Office of Coast Survey or OCS. Evidence files containing the ENC extension are employed by security experts in instances where the computer of the customer is being attacked by viruses.
Other type of ENC are the music notation: Lyrics Time markers Tone markers Track title information Information about the composer
Finally it is used by the Cabal online game as a data file. Cabal is a MMORPG multiplayer online role playing game. These files are usually in the data folder of the software installation. A typical name is cabal.enc

Programs that open ENC Files

You need and enc file opener to read enc files. These are some programs that you can download and use to manage edit, view, open and convert the enc file in windows, mac os, linux, android and apple devices.


How to open ENC Files

These are the generic and specific steps that you must do when you are opening ENC files.

  1. First search and find the .enc file on your computer or mobile device. See section below to learn how.
  2. Double Click on the file if you are using a computer. Tap on the file with enc extension in a mobile device.
  3. Select the program to open with from the drop down menu list. The best fit will be the software that enconded the original file and can do the encryption back. If nothing appears for your enc format then download and install a program to view, edit or convert the file from the previous section list:
    1. Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe. (Windows)
    2. ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Converter, reader or protector. (Windows)
    3. NOAA ENC Direct to GIS. (Windows)
    4. Smith Micro Stuffit Expander encoded program (Linux)
    5. BlackIce
    6. Microsoft Network Monitor (Windows)
    7. Encore
    8. Zarchiver for Android
    9. SSE UNiversal encryption (android and PC)
    10. Cabal
  4. Remember to save your file if you want to keep it and name it.


With SSE Universal Encryption

These are the decryption steps:

Open the app, Tap File/Dir Encryptor. Then, Locate the encrypted file. Now, Tap the lock icon, next tap the Decrypt File button and finally write the encryption used password


With BlackICE application

Enc file is also utilized by the software package BlackICE which functions as a log for evidence and is described as a standard format in the industry.
The BlackICE software package is an anti-virus application dedicated to protect desktop computers from attacks.


With Copysafe PDF software

ENC file formats are used in the identification of the Copysafe Protected PDF Files generated using the software.
This prevents the texts and images from being replicated and also protects against commands such as Printscreen and screen capture. It may also include date expiration, encryption, protected data, printing protection and password protection.


With Microsoft Network Monitor application

It is possible to view and read the ENC file extensions using the Microsoft Network Monitor and a number of network packet captures tools.



The best choice to open enc file online free is to use an online converter. Read the next section for our enc file reader and viewer suggestions.


How to convert ENC Files

You can convert this format file to JPG, PDF, Word, MP3, DWG, ZIP, PPT and RAR among others.


Convert Online

You can convert ENC to PDF file online here

Upload or drag your enc file and you can edit, sign and share it online.

Yo can convert ENC to JPG file online here

You can convert online the file to other format documents here


How to create a ENC File extension

You can create them with specific software that we already mentioned that encode source format:

  1. Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe. (Windows)
  2. ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Converter. (Windows)
  3. ArtistScope Copysafe PDF Reader. (Windows)
  4. NOAA ENC Direct to GIS. (Windows)
  5. Smith Micro Stuffit Expander encoded program (Linux)
  6. BlackIce
  7. Microsoft Network Monitor (Windows)


Is it safe to Delete?

It is safe to delete it for your computer and mobile. However, make sure you backup the file first. If not you will not be able to recover it.


Problems Opening ENC Files or it won’t?

If you have problems opening, viewing, editing or reading ENC file format try the following:

  1. Make your you own admin privileges. If not, log in as an admin.
  2. Download the last version of the software or update it.
  3. Try to convert this .enc format to another.
  4. Run an antivirus on your computer or mobile device.
  5. Try a different software from the suggested list.


How to find the file


On Android

  1. On your Android Phone device, go to Apps and tap on the phone file app
  2. The downloaded files will appear on the screen.
  3. Tap on the file if you want to open it.
  4. You can find more tapping on the Menu and then sort by name, type, size or date.


On Apple

  1. On your Apple Phone device, go to Apps.
  2. Tap on the phone files app
  3. The files and other documents, images will appear on the screen.
  4. Tap on the file if you want to open it.
  5. You can find more tapping on browse at the bottom of your screen.


On your Computer

  1. First, click on the Windows key.
  2. Type part or all the filename you want to find.
  3. In the search results, click the DocumentsMusicPhotos, or Videos section header to view a list of files that meet the search criteria.
  4. Click the filename you want to open.