Open EPUB File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

.An ePub is developed to store tables of content, metadata details, fonts, stylesheets, images, and words. Some of the metadata include the title and author of the particular book.

This type of files is said to be layout agnostic. It means that the screen size never has any effect on the formatting.

The file can display several contents on the device’s screen even if the screen is as narrow as 3.5 inches. The .ePub file is available for free and many of the eReaders available today are completely supporting .ePub files.

electronic publication

ePub is an acronym for Electronic Publication. The files in this format have the .epub extension. Both ePub and PDF are thought to be similar. It was developed by International Digital Publishing Forum IDPF

However, the two of them have internal distinctions:

  • ePub is available in a display-oriented format.
  • PDF gives a print-oriented format.

ePub has features that permit very good display of the document on various devices:

  • It permits the text to adopt the particular size of the device on which it is being accessed.
  • It also takes to consider the particular format and layout of the document ePub are perfectly reliable for a dynamite reading experience.


How to open EPUB Files

ePUB is widespread in its use. As a result, many eReaders are supporting thisĀ  more than they support several other eBook file formats.


  1. Locate the .epub files
  2. Double click on it or right click on it
  3. Select open with
  4. Choose one of the programs below. If nothing appear you have to download one of the following programs.


The .ePub format can be opened on:

adobe digital editions

You can also open it on your desktop computer using any of the many free programs available for that purpose:

  • Calibre
  • Stanza Desktop.

Kindle is, however, different in this regard. It is not possible to open a .ePub file on a Kindle directly. Be that as it may, you can convert the files to something that can be opened on Kindle.


On Android

Virtually all Android and iPhone devices are preloaded with special applications for opening eBooks; these apps can be downloaded on Google Play and iBooks.


On Windows

You will undoubtedly require a third-party application to open the .ePub file on your desktop computer.

If you are using Windows 10, for example, you can use a program like Microsoft Edge.

If you do not have Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 computer or if it is not set as the default program for opening the file:

  1. Locate the files
  2. Right-click on the .ePub already downloaded on your computer system.
  3. Then click on the “Open With” menu.
  4. Click on Microsoft Edge to open the .ePub file on your desktop computer.
  5. Microsoft Edge works by opening a new tab for the .ePub and your book will be displayed in a similar format as used for Reader View.

While Microsoft Edge can be used to access the .ePub, you should bear in mind this program will never give you the best reading experience.

In place of Microsoft Edge, you can go or other programs like Calibre. Which can be used with different eBook formats and it will always give you one of the best reading experiences ever.