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A file having .ACSM file extension is an Adobe Content Server Message file. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) uses this format to download and activate Adobe DRM protected content.

Not like standard Ebook Files

It is crucial to know that ACSM files in the regular sense are not standard eBook files. They can't be opened and read the same as the other eBook formats such as PDF

The ACSM file has information communicating with Adobe servers. There is no eBook locked, nor there is anything to extract from the ACSM file the book. 

Download Data

Instead, the ACSM files containing the data can be downloaded as it has the authority that the book is purchased legally.

You can download The eBook through the Adobe Digital Editions program. You can use the same software, and it can be read in any of your devices.


How to open an ACSM File

Precisely, once your device is set up properly, you can open the ACSM file so that you register the book to the Adobe Digital Editions configured ID, and then to read the book-running ADE on any device.

You can do this using the same user ID, and there is no need to repurchase it. 

Adobe Digital Editions are employed to open ACSM files on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. When you download the book on a device, you can download it in any other device with the same user ID.

Use the free version of Adobe Digital Edition.

You can download it from here:

There may be a need to install Norton Security Scan or any other program during the ADE setup.

These programs may necessarily not be related, so you can opt-out, but be careful to watch during the installation for that option.


Use the Help > Authorize Computer menu in Adobe Digital Editions so that you connect to the Adobe Digital Editions, your eBook vendor account.

In this way, you can assure your books are available on other devices as re-downloadable.

You can do that even if your device fails. Or if you delete the book. Thus, you don't have to buy the book to read on other devices.

Adobe Content Server Icon

You can read the protected Adobe DRM data through the account on the authorization screen.

It also means you can open on other computers and devices the same ACSM file with the same user ID.

You can authorize the computer without ID by checking in the correct box through the Authorize Your Computer screen.


How to Convert an ACSM File to PDF

As the ACSM file is not an eBook, you cannot convert it to another eBook format. The ACSM file is a simple text file describing how to download a real eBook. It may be a PDF, etc.

As there is DRM protection, converting the actual eBook file into a new format is impossible.

Thus, find the file downloaded using Adobe Digital Editions. You can use a file converter program to pdf to open it such that it supports the book format such as

From there, convert as per your needs into a suitable format. So that you use the eBook on the Kindle device.


You can find the ADE downloaded book by right-clicking in Adobe Digital Editions on the book and choosing Show File in Explorer. Mostly, in Windows, it will be as:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Digital Editions\ folder.

What is a .PDG file?

The .PDG file is essentially a special file created by Chaoxing Digital Library and created in association with Chaoxing Reader. You will need to first download the special reading tools for this file and then install it on your computer system. The name of the reading tools to download is Chaoxing reader, which is also called ssreader. Aside from reading the book, it is also possible to use the reader to scan the Chaoxing information collection network resources.

How to open PDG files

You will have to use suitable software readers to open the .PDG file, a good example of which is the Chaoxing reader.

If you do not have the right software to open the file on your computer, you will see a Windows message that reads thus: "How do you want to open this file?" if you are using Windows 10 and you will get "Windows cannot open this file" if you are using Windows 7. You will receive something similar to any of the messages above if you are using any other operating system, like Android, iPhone or Mac operating system. If you find it difficult to open the file, then you can long-press or right-click on the file. A drop-down menu will show up. Look for "Open with" and click on it and choose an application with which you can open the file.

You need to understand that different types of programs and files can bear the same extension and this can make it difficult for an end-user to know the best program to use for opening a file with a particular extension. If you find it difficult to open the pdg file, you can try any of the tips given below to open it.

Use another software program

If a particular software fails to open the pdg file, all you have to do is to use another file entirely. Bear in mind that this file is the type that can be opened using a different file entirely if the right program is not available on your computer, you can search for it online and download it to open this file. One of the best programs you can consider for this purpose is MetaCAM part File. Other types of programs that can successfully open this type of file are:

  • Chaoxing reader
  • Chaoxing Digital Library e-book
  • PrintShop Deluxe File

You can check the developer's website for any of these programs.

The file type is a good hint

You can use the file type as a hint to search for the particular program with which you can open the .PDG file. The type of file can give you a hint about how best to open it. In most instances, .PDG file is referred to as Page Layout Files. Check if there is a program on your computer that can be used to open this type of file. If this type of program is on your computer, you can simply open it and use it to open the .PDG file.

The above hint is only applicable if you are sure of the type of file the .PDG file is. If the reverse is the case and you do not know the type of file you are dealing with, you can use the PDG file to look for the particular file type so that you can easily open the particular file on your computer. You can follow the steps given below to open the .PDG file on different operating systems.

How to open .PDG file on a Windows computer:

  • First of all, right-click on the file icon on your computer.
  • Next, check the drop-down menu and then click on Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • You can then check under the label Type of File to look for the file type.
  • How to open .PDG file on a Mac computer:
  • Right-click first on the file icon.
  • Then check the drop-down menu that comes up and choose More Info.
  • Next, check under the list labeled Kind to choose the type of file.

Get in touch with a Developer

Another way to open the .PDG file is to ask a developer if none of the methods above can get the file opened. If you know a particular software program that can be used to open the file, just get in touch with the developer of that program. The list below will help you to find the right developer for the most popular of all the programs associated in any way to the .PDG file.

  • MetaCAM Part File: The developer is Metamation Inc. the developer created the program for the Sheet Metal Fabrication industry. Its classification is in the CAD/CAM.
  • PrintShop Deluxe File: The developer is unknown.
  • Chaoxing Reader Chaoxing Digital Library e-Book: The developer is Chaoxing Digital Library. Some also call it a Chaoxing Reader graphics because the creation or use of the file is essential for this particular purpose.
  • Print Designer GOLD Data File: The developer is CAM Development.



.PDG file is classified as a Graphic file. You should find out if there is any corruption or virus of any form on the .PDG file before you open it. If there is any virus in the file, you can simply delete the one you have downloaded and got a new one entirely. Afterwards, scan the new file for virus using from Google.

You can equally link the .PDG file extension together with the right application. If you are using the Android operating system, you can click on the Settings icon on any part of your Smartphone. Next, click on the Apps on the list of menu that comes up. You can then click on the Options icon, which you can find at the top right end of your mobile device's screen and this will help to change the default apps.

One other way to open it is to update the software that you want to use to open the .PDG file. This is about the only way out if you already have the program on your computer but it cannot open the file. In most instances, you can only access .PDG files with the most recent version of the program designed for opening it.




What is an MLT file?

An MLT file is a Forecast Profile developed by the Business Forecast Systems, Inc. 

How to open it

You will have to get the software suitable for the file if you must open it on your computer system. A very good example of the program that you can use to open an MLT file is Forecast Pro. If a suitable software is not available on your computer system, however, you will get a Windows message that reads thus: "How do you want to open this file?" if you are using Windows 10 operating system or you will get this message: "Windows cannot open this file" if you are using Windows 7. 

Those who are using other operating systems, like Mac, iPhone or Android can also open the file, but they also need to have the suitable software on their devices, failure of which will bring up an error message that indicates the absence of that suitable software. All you have to do in this situation is to download the right software so that you can easily access this file on your computer effortlessly. 

To open the MLT file on your computer system, you can equally long-press or right-click on the particular file that you want to open. A drop-down menu will come up and you can look for "Open with" from the list of items on the drop-down menu. Click on the "Open with" link and choose the right application that can open the file. Once more, you should already have that suitable application or program on your computer or other devices before this method can work for you. 

Various programs that can open and also convert the MLT file

You can use various programs to open the MLT file and we have provided few of them below:

●     Forecast Pro: We mentioned this software earlier. It is a reliable program to open the MLT file and it came from the stables of Business Forecast Systems, Inc. 

●     mAirList: You can use the desktop template of this program to access the MLT file. The program came from Torben Weibert, a renowned programmer. It is a computer program used for radio automation and it works effectively on different versions of the Windows Operating System, like Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98. The system supports small radio stations that want to add professionalism to their services. There is a similarity between the mAirList desktop file and the mAirList Desktop Template file; the former has the .MLD template, while the latter has the .MLT extension. The two have similarities but a couple of things also differentiate them one from the other. Aside from the different extensions, the mAirList will force the end-user to pick a new file name when you decide to save a particular desktop that originally has a .MLT file.                                     

Solve difficulties in opening an MLT file 

The MLT file may not open even if you have the suitable software on your computer system. In this situation, it may be that the file is corrupted by a computer virus or any other problem. When this happens, you should delete the corrupted file and download a new one. After you have downloaded the new one, make sure you first scan the newly downloaded before you attempt to open it again using the appropriate program for that purpose. 

You may have the suitable software on your computer to open the MLT file, but you will never be able to open the file if the software is outdated. In such a situation, you will need to first update the software before you can ever open the MLT file. You can only access this type of file when you attempt to open it with the latest or current version of the suitable software. The best thing to do is to visit the home page of the software developer to download the latest version. You can find the current updates on the homepage of the Business Forecast Systems, Inc. If you want to use the Forecast Pro to open the MLT file. The developer always updates the software consistently and makes it easy for end-users to easily open the MLT file. 

As mentioned severally earlier, the best way to ever open the MLT file on your computer system is to first download and install the right software on the computer. The suitable software to download can depend on the operating system you want to use, be it desktop or mobile operating systems. If you are using an Android operating system, for example, you must first download and install the right software that can open the MLT file on Android. You can follow the steps below to open the MLT file on various operating systems:

Android operating systems users

  1. Look for the Settings icon on your Android device and click on it. 
  2. next, check the list of items on the new page and choose Apps.
  3. In the Apps section, look for Options and tap it; Options can be found at the right top corner of the screen. 
  4. Then you can change the default apps to that suitable app that you have already downloaded and installed on your device for the MLT file. 

Windows Operating System Users  

You can use the programs highlighted below to open the MLT file on your Windows operating system.

  • Maya Application 
  • Plot Stalker 

Bear in mind that the programs above can open the MLT file on virtually any version of Windows operating system. You can equally use the programs to convert the MLT file on Windows, as well as, fix many of the problems you encounter when opening or editing the MLT file. 

If you still cannot open the MLT file using any of the programs mentioned above on either your mobile or desktop operating system, you can simply go for the Free File Viewer, which is a special program that can open different types of files, making it a universal file viewer. Experts say that the program can open more than 200 different files and it is also available for free download. 


AML Format

AML file stands for ACPI Machine Language File. The developer of the file format was The ACPICA Project. And it is highly popular. It belongs to the System Files category and has a Binary format. The file is a system file in the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Machine Language (AML).

It is also a low-level of language to configure various hardware properties. The file is usually for booting Mac OS X on hardware not related to Apple. Usually called ("Hackintosh" systems). A good example of it is the P55 motherboard. The system file is equally to enable better compatibility with hardware, as well as, to improve the performance of a system.

The AML file contains a Differentiated System Description Table (DSDT). And this is designed to store instructions that help in notifying the Mac OS about several hardware settings. The AML file is better in the root directory when you download and install it on a Mac OS X system. This is to be easy recognize it.

You can check tonymacx86 for series of AML files that are already for Mac OS X. The end-user can also customize and edit the AML file using DSDTSE, the handiwork of EVOSX86 team known for software development. You cannot edit AML files directly. However, you need to first decompile them into ".dsl" files after which you can edit them. And also then compile them back into their original ".aml" files.

AML files are with instructions at the level of ACPI, which is between the operating system and the BIOS.

How to open the AML files

The AML files might have been designed for Mac OS. But you can open them on various operating systems. l.

In Windows

You can use the programs:



You can use the software:

  • iasl

In Linux

You can use the software:

  • iasl



You can use another program to open the AML files. Double-click the file and click on ‘Open With". A series of other programs that can be sued to open it will appear on a drop-down menu. Some of the other files software to open the AML files are below:

  • Morpheus Photo Morpher Layout Project
  • AutoMage
  • Mio Technology Application Markup Language

You can download any of the files above from the developers' websites try using it to open the AML files.

There are some file extensions that you can use to open different types of files. You can easily open a file by first know the type of file it is. Many of the AML files available are System Files. You can open them using different kinds of software packages. If you have a program on your computer system capable of opening System Files, then it is possible to use that program to open AML files.

To know the type of file the AML file is:

  • First check the properties of the file.
  • Right-click on the icon.
  • Then selecting "More Info" or "Properties".


Dfont Format

Dfont stands for data fork TrueType and it is a special form of TrueType font format. The file is specifically for Macs operating systems that are running Mac OS X. Some of the system fonts that come preinstalled on OS X come as dfont fonts. This type of file format will not be on a different operating system. TrueType is a very popular font format on Linux, Windows and Macs computers. It looks very good on the screen and equally offers great quality in its output.




The TrueType font had been around for a very long time. It had been in use since the early parts of the 1990s. However, it is getting gradually replaced by the OpenType font format, which is more recent and features more functionality. The file can also be used on various versions of the Windows Operating System. Like the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Every end-user can easily access the active system fonts. The system fonts must be saved in the /Library/Fonts/ folder. The active user fonts, on the other hand, can only be accessible to the current end-user. And you must save it in the /users/username/Library/Fonts/ folder.

In the earlier versions of the Mac operating systems, like System 9, one could store data in two different entities, which are:

  • Resource fork
  • Data fork

The mechanism was equally sued for TrueType fonts in which all pieces of information related to the fonts was in the resource fork. When developing OS X, Apple decides to change its method of data storage from the forks concept. As a result, files only have a data part. As a result, the old System 9 TrueType fonts became obsolete and inapplicable in the regular data section of OS X files. Consequently, we end up with the data fork TrueType fonts or dfonts fonts.

You should not take anyone seriously that asks you to avoid the use of Dfont fonts in the professional publishing environments. This is because the quality of the Dfont fonts is similar to that of any other TrueType font. The only channeling is that the fonts are not compatible across different platforms.

How to open Dfont file

One of the best ways to open a dfont file is to convert it to another file. For one, you can convert it to other file formats, like svg, bin, otf and tff. The conversion makes it easier to open the file. The method adopted in opening Dfont File depends a great deal on the particular operating system that you are using.

In Windows

You can use in windows operating system one of the following programs:

  • File Viewer Plus
  • fontSplitter.



In MAC OS these are the available programs:

  • Apple Font Book
  • DfontSplitter.

You can equally open Dfont File using Font Book. Also using various other Mac Os X programs that have access to the system fonts. If you still have a problem opening the file, you can get in touch with field experts or automatic tools.

  • File description: Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Type: Graphics
  • Category: Vector Image
  • File format: Propriety
  • Developed by: W3C

svg file


Maybe you have received this format by mail and you don't know how to edit or view it. We will learn how we can view, edit, open and convert this svg extension


What is an SVG file

The SVG file extension is used mostly to describe two-dimensional or 2D vector graphics in the XML format. It means Scalable Vector Graphics.
SVG files are the standard format by W3C for vector graphics.
The pieces of data can be embedded in a specified Web page or may be stored or saved on their own file.
However, these files are not always compatible with all Web browsers. Also these kind of files can be animated or static images.
scalable vector graphics

How to open SVG files

open svg file

These are the simple instructions to do it:

  1. Locate the .svg file in your computer or mobile device.
  2. Double click on it.
  3. In the open with option select the appropiate program from the list.
  4. You will see in the following sections software to do this.
  5. If you don't have the program installed you will have to download and install it.


Programs that open and convert SVG files

Open with Windows:
  • Compatible Web browser,
  • Corel SVG Viewer,
  • Inkscape,
  • Adobe Flash Player,
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro,
  • Microsoft Visio,
  • Adobe SVG Viewer,
  • Corel Draw graphics suite.
Open with MAC:
  • Web browser,
  • Adobe Ilustrator,
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape
Open with Linux:
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape,
  • Web browser,
  • Kolourpaint.
The browsers are perfect free viewers. You can view the files online without  downloading it. However, it is not possible to edit.
Since they are in the XML format, the files may be accessed using text editors.
These images are also written as text.
These vector images also utilize geographical figures represented by specific mathematical equations.
This is as opposed to the raster images using pixels showed with different colors in order to create images.

How to convert

You can convert online using free converters like autotracer.



This format is also used by GTA and Quake III as game files to save the current progress.


File type: Comic Book RAR Archive

What is .CBR

Invalid file associations could be the result of underlying issues within your Windows PC. It is highly recommended to scan your PC for invalid registry entries, unused processes and other slowdown issues.
It is a renamed RAR file that can be decompressed with any decompression tools. The CDisplay particularly displays the images of the comic book stored in the CBR file. In addition, the CBR file need not be decompressed when this program is used. The files saved in the CBR file extension are PNG, GIF and JPEG files. The pages stored are displayed one or two at a time. Not all the decompression tools will be able to display the comic book images in a book format. Also, there might be extra characters that will be displayed upon decompressing the file when the tool used does not have full support on the CBR file extension.

How to Open CBR Files

Category: Compressed Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: CDisplay, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe-Save 20%
Open with Linux: Comix, other decompression tools
Image files are said to have large sizes when saved on one document that is why the CBR file extension is used. It is to compact the large file sizes of the comic book images and for easy downloading.

Type: Adobe password database


File Extension ADOBEPASSDB_3

adobepassdb_3 is a format file extension related to the adobe systems software applications.


Open Adobepassdb_3

Try to open this extension with an adobe software for Android

It is not possible to convert this format to another file type.

There are not specific programs in our database to view this file type


File type: ARJ Compressed File

The ARJ file extension is used by the compression utility to reference the compressed archives generated by the application. ARJ is basically an acronym for Archived by Robert Jung in obvious reference to its developer.

This compression tool first made its way into the IT market during the Disk Operating System days. Up to the earlier versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment.

With the inception of the more advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) Microsoft Windows 95, the ARJ32 version of the compression tool started. This 32-bit console version remained very popular until the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform.

This compression tool was primarily noted for its creation of highly efficient compressed archive files that support the 16- and 32-bit computing architecture of the Intel processor. ARJ became one of the only two mainstream archiving utilities for the MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Operating System platforms in the middle of the 1990s.

PKZIP compression utility was the main competitor of the software during that era.


open arj file


How to Open an ARJ File

Category: Compressed Archive
File format: Open-Source
Open with Windows:
  • ARJ,
  • ARJ32,
  • Zipeg
Open with Linux: ARJ for Linux
Some components of the ARJ software that support the ARJ file extension are  under the 5,140,321 U.S. Patent.
Although generally less popular compared to PKZIP, it had a substantial niche in the computer market. Especially for BBS users up to the warez era.
The preference for the use of the ARJ format file is largely attributed to the application's ability to create and handle multiple archive volumes. It does this by splitting huge files into smaller chunks making it suitable for dial-up connections as well as software distribution via floppy disks.
It also has proven to be more powerful in terms of compression capability than PKZIP.
The main limitation of the ARJ compression tool is its lack of support for a graphical user interface remaining mainly command line based despite the introduction of GUI based Operating System platforms.
The application responsible for generating the .ARJ supports the use of long filenames, data damage protection, files version management, and ANSI display handler sequences among others.


File type: Windows Media Video File


File Extension WMV

WMV stands for Windows Media Video and it is a video file format that has been developed by Microsoft Corporation and is a proprietary video format. The WMV format has been based on Microsoft's Advanced Systems Format or ASF format container and it compresses videos with the help of Windows Media Compression. Essentially .ASF files are the encoding that the video files use in the Windows Media Video format files. The WMV format video compression is a very crude compression technique being a completely proprietary compression algorithm it is not easily convertible to other video formats. However it is possible to do so and there are softwares available that do that.


Open File WMV

Category: Data File
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Web browser with the Windows Media Player plugin, Roxio Easy Media Creator, CyberLink PowerDirector, CyberLink PowerDVD, Microsoft's Windows Media Player
Open with Linux:
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