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Open FLA File

File type: Adobe Flash Animation File

File Extension FLA

The FLA file extension is employed in the identification of Adobe Flash Animation files which are editable movies or animations created by means of the Adobe Flash. The said files are frequently saved as the SWF file to be used on the Internet. The FLA file is an editable project file saved via the Flash Development application.
The SWF file is a compressed format which could be viewed in a majority of Web browsers using the Flash plugin. The Adobe Flash application is used in the creation of movies or animations and the source content is saved using the FLA file format and then later compiled into the SWF file.
The SWF file could then be played using other Web browsers or media players. In order to open an FLA file, users would have to first install the Adobe Flash application.

Open FLA File

Category: Developer Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Adobe Flash
Open with Linux: Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash by Adobe Systems is a software program categorized as an authoring application that allows users to make projects by means of a pre-defined environment. An example could be that of a CD burning program known as NERO, an authoring software application intended to create projects in optical devices such as DVDs and CDs.
Adobe Flash provides users with the capability of creating scenes and animations involving pictures, other animation forms, objects, etc. The files saved from this application have the FLA file extension where users are able to edit the projects at any given time. The published version of the said extension could come in various formats such as HTML, EXE, MOV and so on depending on where or how they are utilized.
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