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Open FLAC File

File type: Free Lossless Audio Codec File


File Extension FLAC

The FLAC file extension is employed in identifying Free Lossless Audio Codec File, an audio file format that has a similarity with an MP3 format.The files with the FLAC file extension are compressed without losing their quality. It functions the same way a ZIP does but the files in the FLAC file extension are better at compression because the FLAC file extension is particularly intended for audio. The FLAC file extension could be played in every favorite media player just like an MP3 file.

Although files with the FLAC file extension have a reduced storage requirement and bandwidth, the audio integrity is not compromised. Audio sources encoded in the FLAC file extension are normally reduced in size by 40 to 50 percent. The said file extension had been developed for saving packed audio data.

It is not like the general lossless algorithms such as ZIP and gZIP. While the ZIP file extension compresses the audio files that are of CD quality by 10 to 20 percent, the files wtih the FLAC file extension have a significantly greater compression.


Open FLAC File

Category: Audio Files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Roxio Easy Media Creator, Adobe Audition, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, VUPlayer, Winamp with FLAC plug-in, Windows Media Player with Illiminable or CoreFLAC filters
Open with Linux: VideoLAN VLC Media Player
Lossless data compression allows the reformation of the exact data from the compressed data in contrast with a compression method that entails losses where the retrieved and decompressed data differs from that of the original. Lossless compression is necessary when the decompressed data and the original data have to be identical.
The integrated computer software in the audio codecs is referred to as audio compression algorithms. The saved files with the FLAC file extension are apt for everyday playback and audio archival.


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