Open GPD File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Generic Printer Driver, CRISP (Geotechnical Modelling Software) “Front Squasher” (CRISPSQ) output file, Gameplay data , Grid Parameter Definition.


The files using the GPD file are typically accessed and utilized in Generic Printer Description files for Unidry minidrivers.

The GPD files are programmed for the production of Unidry minidrivers. It defines the characteristics of the printer driver and consists of text-based GPD (Generic Printer Description).

The GPD files provide information to the Windows Printing Service on matters relating to the printing devices. When the unidriver-based print driver is run, the GPD is usually integrated to the .bud file extension or a binary file that the spooler subsystem makes use of.

It may also have references to a PGD file.


Detailed information 

Category: Text files, Data files
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Unidry minidrivers, CRISP (Geotechnical Modelling Software), "Front Squasher" (CRISPSQ)
Open with Linux: N/A
On Windows 2000 and later versions, three classes of printer devices are usually installed. One of these classes of printer devices is the Unidriver-based printer driver which was introduced by Microsoft Corp. to allow a simpler and easier way of producing and modifying safe printer drivers.
The driver uses the GPD file extension that identifies and explains all the capabilities of the printer. The GPD extension is also used by the VISUAL EPR as an Input Data for PARAMS.EXE, CRISP (Geotechnical Modelling Software) or “Front Squasher” (CRISPSQ) as an output file, Gameplay data file and Grid as a Parameter Definition file.
The CRISP “Front Squasher” output file gets a GPR file and subsequently creates the GPD.