What is a .HEX File – How to Open HEX Format – Programs

File type: Hexadecimal Source


What is

There are 2 different types of HEX files, binary and text-based. The text based HEX files can be opened with any text editor like notepad whereas one needs hex editing programs to open their binary counterparts.

These files generally contain program settings along with their configuration information.

They can also be general data saved in the hexadecimal format which can be stored either as a text file or as a binary format.

It is not a runnable program and double clicking on this file will launch either the text or binary editor depending on the format of the HEX file.


Detailed information 

Category: Data File
File format: Open Standard
Open with Windows: Heaventools FlexHex; Hex Workshop Hex Editor; Cygnus Hex Editor; HHD Hex Editor
Open with Linux: EditPad Pro