Open HQX File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Macintosh BinHex 4 Compressed Archive


What is

HQX is a format wherein an 8-bit binary files are encoded and compressed into a 7-bit text format. This format helps to maintain the integrity of the files during internet downloads and other types of file transfers.

Combining both the resource and the data fork causes this. Double clicking the native HQX files will not result in any action unless it has been associated with any decompression.

However, if one has installed decompression programs like WinZip with decompression of all supported file extensions ticked, double clicking the HQX file will launch that program.

This extension is useful while files are transferred across different operating systems since most platforms handle ASCII easily. This helps in avoiding file corruption. If the file is not associated correctly, it might cause errors.


Detailed information 

Category: Archive Files
Files format: Open Standard
Open with Windows: WinZip, ZipZag, ESTsoft ALZip, Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe
Open with Linux: