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Open KML File

File type: Keyhole Markup Language File

About the KML file type:

This is a XML-based specification for expressing geographical data, annotations and visualizations for 2D maps and 3D Earth browsers or geobrowsers. It is usually a set of KML files which contain the actual data for geographic locations in terms of a longitude and a latitude value along with other graphic images or overlay information files which are zipped together and distributed as KMZ files with the .kmz extension.
KML was originally created by a company named Keyhole, Inc which was then acquired by Google in 2004 for use with Keyhole Earth Viewer, later renamed by Google to Google Earth. KML files specify various features such as place marks, polygons, images, textual descriptions, 3D models, etc, for Google Earth, Mobile, Maps, or any other geobrowser which uses this standard. Each location is described in terms. KML has been adopted as an official OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard as of April, 2008 recommended to be used with all geobrowsers.


Open KML File

Category: Data File.
File format: Open Standard.
Open with Windows: Google Earth, Blender (only import).
Open with Linux: Google Earth, Blender (only import).
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