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Open MDF File

File type: Data File


File Extension MDF

MDF files are the DVD or CD data that is saved as an image using a disc authoring application, for example Alcohol 120%. These are very similar to the .ISO file format but are saved in a slightly different format or structure. In these files the actual data of the discs is stored within the MDF file itself whereas the track and header information is usually stored along with it in corresponding MDS format files.


Open MDF File

Category: Data File.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Microsoft SQL Server
Open with Linux:
MDF files are also the standard file formats used in the automotive industry in order to store measurement data. It has the raw measurement data which were gathered from the actual measurements as well as the metadata that is necessary to be able to interpret the raw data. MDF files are also the primary database format files that are used by the Microsoft product namely, Microsoft SQL Server. It is a high performance database manage system used by large enterprises for large volumes of data which is installed with the Microsoft SQL server as well as its related add-ons. In Microsoft SQL Server the users may also create custom MDF files.