Open MOV File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

  • Type: Multimedia
  • Description: Movie (QuickTime)
  • Extension: .MOV
  • Format: Binary
  • Developer: N/A

Did you receive an attachment with the .MOV extension? Here you will learn how to open, create, view, edit and convert a .MOV. We will see how to instructions and recommend programs readers, viewers, editors and software related to this format.


What is a MOV File

MOV files are very common video files that are used for saving and playing movies as well as other videos on personal computers.

These files generally use proprietary compression algorithms which are developed by Apple Computers and can be played only on the QuickTime player or by using a QuickTime plugin for other players to be able to play the files.

This player is available for both the Macintosh, Linux as well as the Windows Platform.


How to Open MOV Files


You can do it following these steps:

  1. Search for your .MOV files
  2. Tap on it (mobile device) or double click on it (computer).
  3. Select the program from the drop down list.
  4. Confirm your selection.


Category: Data Files
File format: Proprietary
With Windows: QuickTime Player
With Linux: QuickTime Player

How to convert IBT files

It is not possible to convert this format to another type. We don’t have any information about an online converter. Also, there are not specific programs in our database to convert this format.


It is safe to delete it?

Yes, you can delete it. There is not any risk for your computer or mobile device.


How to create it

It can be created manually with the software QuickTime.


If you have more information about this MOV extension please contact with us through the contact page. Thanks in advance for all your help.