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Open MPGA File

File type: MPEG-1-Layer 3 Audio File


About the MPGA file type:

MPGA is an audio file format which is compressed with MPEG-1 Layer 1 and encompasses a facility to run all music files in any media player which support MP 3 files. It compresses the audio and maintains original sound quality with lossy compression. These are another extension of .mp3 files. This is a standard file format for windows and is played by most media players. The file can be opened directly through any media player and requires very less time to load on any player. Being a transition of the MP3 format, the file is easy to play. The file is stored on most file servers as .mpga for storing music files which is a much lighter format and uses less disk space as it compresses the MPEG and MP3 files into smaller format. This uses less disk space and retains most of the quality of the audio being played on the computer.


Detailed information

Category: Movie, Video and Multimedia Files - This file is used for recording of audio and stores the same in compressed format on the computer.
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: Apple iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player, RealNetworks Real Player play MPGA files in Windows
Open with Linux: Any Audio player that runs an MP3 file format will play MPGA file in Linux
Audio Files which store music and can be played on almost each media player.
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