Open NES File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Nintendo (NES) ROM File


The Nintendo ROM uses the NES format as the information files which can be used for storing the data of the game in the computer which is developed by the Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES is the Nintendo (NES) ROM files which is used as a ROM image of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game ad this contains the data of the original NES cartridge which can be played on the computer using the NES emulation software. These are the main ROM files of the game which shall contain all game data and the same is used to play the game on all computers.

The ROM image can be used to play the video game from the cartridge also which is made by Nintendo. The files store game data which shall be required to play the game on different platforms.


Detailed information 

Category: Game Files – This is the ROM file which stores the data for the video game
File format: Proprietary
Open with Windows: This file can be opened in VirtuaNES, FCE Ultra, Jnes, FakeNES, NesterJ, Nestopia and other NES emulator
Open with Linux: N.A.
NES is commonly used as the Nintendo ROM files which is the format used for storing data of the game