Open NRG File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Nero CD/DVD Image files


A .NRG file is used by the Nero CD/DVD software and the same is used as an image by the software to create an exact copy of the disc.

NRG Files can also have the directory of files which can be mounted as a disc and the same can be used for copied or backup of disc. It is an important file which can be converted to .ISO files using the Nero utility software.


How to Open NRG Files

You can try the following recommended software available for disk images

Category: Disk image (ISO) binary files – It is the image which is used for the copy of the CD/DVD
File format: Proprietary
With Windows: It can be opened by the following programs: Nero disc burning/ authoring software, EZB Systems Ultra ISO and IsoBuster
With Linux: N.A.
This is the image for CD/DVD which is created by the Nero CD authoring software.
Problems with this format? Try with another version of the software. You can also update your drivers or choose another program from the list.
We don’t have any information about conversion of this format or an online converter.
Related extensions: .BIN