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Open ODS File

File type: Open Office/Star Office Open Document


What is

ODS is the Open Document file format for Spreadsheet and is used to create table and display information in similar format.

This is an industry standard by OASIS and is used for sharing documents and spreadsheets.

It is used in the Open Office software to create spreadsheets but can also be exported to other software and can be edited by the XML based software.

This file can display multiple tables and sheets and can store multiple data to be displayed in table format for the Open Office Document standard used by the Sun Microsystems


open ODS File

Category: Data File - This is the data file for the spreadsheet made by Open Office document standard
File format: Proprietary
Open ODS file with Windows: This file can be opened in Open Cal, Sun Microsystems Calc and Microsoft Excel with Open XML/ ODF Translator Add-in
Open with Linux: This file can be opened in Open Office. Org Calc and Sun Microsystems Calc
This file is the spreadsheet used by the Open Office Document format
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