Open ODT File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Open Document Text  Document


What is

The Open Office software makes this file. It is a text file which is used for storing text. This format is created by the writer and can be opened by the Open Document compatible program.
These files can be imported into other programs and the file can be used to be displayed in the spreadsheet application and other such programs.
This file is the Open Document standard file and any software which follows the standard can be used to view it.


Detailed information 

Category: Text Files – This is the text file which is made by the Open Office Document standard program
Files format: Proprietary
With Windows: It can be opened in the following openers: Open Writer, Sun Microsystems Writer, AbiSource AbiWord, Microsoft Word with Open XML/ ODF Translator Add-in and IBM Lotus Notes 8 or later
With Linux: It can be opened in Writer, Sun Microsystems Writer, Koffice Kword, Abi Source Abi Word and IBM Lotus Notes 8 or later
The .ODT file is the text file for the writer which is made by the Open Office Document Standard software
We don’t have any information about the conversion of this format or an online converter.