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Open Source Video Editor

An open source video editor is a software of program to create or edit video files. It is special for being easy to share among end-users. The software has many possible uses:

  • Manipulating any video image.
  • Record the videos.
  • For Videos post-production edit and design. 
  • To Edit raw footage and edit in the digital file formats. 
  • STo hare uploaded videos.
  • Export the videos to any external media. For example a DVD.


Video editing software is expensive, but the introduction of an open-source video editor to the mix now makes it easier and cheaper to obtain a videos editor.

In fact, many of the open-source video editors available for download are now free of charge. Thereby, making it easy for all and sundry to access video editors without spending a dime.

You can download the open-source videos editors on workstations, mobile devices and desktop computers. 

The open-source video editors come with various tools to convert file formats, cutting segments, re-sequestering clips, joining clips, adjusting contrast and brightness, rotating or cropping footage, adding sound or adding transitions and several other effects. 


Best Open Source Video Editors for Windows and MAC

The software equally enables cloud-based videos editing. These applications are for desktop computers. Be that as it may, you can easily get access to the cloud-based versions, They make it possible for you to connect to different online and social accounts to share your movies.

There are many open sources video editors out there today and some of them are below: