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OpenOffice Apache – Download – Vs LibreOffice – Templates

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What is Open Office and Compatibility

Open Office can be sometimes abbreviated as OO. You can also write it as OpenOffice or you can go the whole hug and write it as or OOo. It is a productivity suite. The system is highly compatible with virtually all the major operating systems out there, some of which are:

  • Linux
  • Apple macOS
  • Microsoft Windows

Open Office also makes use of a dual-licensing scheme for the contribution of its source code. The system is equally available to every end-user. It is equally an outstanding alternative to Microsoft Office. Also, Open Office is an open-source program and it is, therefore, available to everyone. As a result, you can download and also edit it without paying a dime, neither will you also have to credit anyone when you download or use the software.


Included programs

Some of the programs included with the Open Office system are below:

  • Base: It functions as a Database
  • Writer: It functions as a text editor and a Word processor
  • Calc: It functions as a Spreadsheet
  • Math: It makes it easy for the end-user to create equations and scientific formulas
  • Draw: It is a drawing program used to create flow charts and logos
  • Impress: It functions as a Presentation program

You must bear in mind that Open Office is discontinued as an open-source office suite. The software is equally the open-source version of StarOffice, which is an earlier form of the Open Office. The system was acquired in 1999 by Sun Microsystems for its internal use.


Where to download Open Office

You can download the Open Office directly from the Open Office homepage, which is It is hosted by, which is a highly trusted website. You can equally download the software on various operating systems, some of which are:

  • Windows operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • OS X
  • And lots more

You can also download Open Office in different languages, some of which areĀ  below:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Finish
  • Hungarian
  • German
  • French
  • Hebrew


Open Office is equally available in the Greek and even the Galician language. The software is available in virtually all categories of languages spoken globally. Even those who speak Vietnamese can access the software easily. The entire file will not take more than123MByte of space on your desktop computer.

Aside from Open Office, you can also download the Apache OpenOffice Dictionaries and Extensions from the home page, as well as the Apache OpenOffice Templates to improve your experience of the system.

Open Office for Windows

Open Office supports various versions of Windows, some of which are below:

  • Windows 2000: It is not recommended to use this version of Windows for Open Office. However, Open Office can still work perfectly on this Windows version.
  • Windows XP: You can conveniently access Open Office on this version of Windows. Windows XP is tested over time and has also been approved to be stable. Since inception to date, no problem or technical issue had ever been associated with this version of Windows.
  • Windows Vista: This is yet another version of Windows found reliable for Open Office. It is also well tested and is stable for running Open Office. Since its first use on Windows Vista, Open Office had never recorded any problem-specific too this platform to date.
  • Windows 7: It is equally reliable for running Open Office. It has been tested over time and also found stable.
  • Windows 8: This is yet another version of Windows that can run the Open Office successfully. On this version of Windows, Open Office can run as a "Desktop Application" and not as a Metro "App".

The minimum memory requirement is 256 MB RAM, but it is better to use 512MB RAM. You also require minimum storage of about 650MB.

Open Office for Mac

Open Office can equally run successfully on the Mac Operating system (macOS). It had been running successfully on macOS since the time of 3.3. Those who are using the current Apache OpenOffice can run successfully on Apple MacOS X of the 10.7 version, the 10.12 version, 10.13 versions and the 10.11 version.

The hardware requirements for macOS to run Open Office are below:

  • CPU requirement is the Intel Processor.
  • The minimum Memory requirement is 512MB RAM.
  • The Storage requirement, on the other hand, is a minimum of 400MB if you want to go through the default installation through download.
  • The graphic requirement is 1024 x 768. A higher resolution having 16.7 million colors is, however, recommended.

Open Office vs Libre Office

Open Office is an outstanding open-source office productivity software suite as earlier stated. The software originates from IBM Lotus Symphony and It is a very close cousin of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is also an open-source office suite and it is 100% free. The software is the brainchild of The Document Foundation.

As an average user, you may not be able to see much difference in the features of these two since the two of them are open-source office suites. However, some differences do exist between the two. For one, the Apache OpenOffice has its sidebar on by default; you will have to enable this particular feature on the LibreOffice. You can have instant access to every property of the document through the sidebar; it enables you to change the formatting on the page, paragraph and character. The sidebar equally enables you to get instant access to every document properties. The sidebar enables you to change very quickly the formatting on the various pages, paragraphs and characters.

Open Office Templates

You can easily access up to 296 templates for OpenOffice and each template is unique. The templates come in the .ODS and .ODT formats. Since they are open-source codes, you can print, edit and download the templates freely. You can get templates for to-do lists, letterhead, fax cover sheets and so on. You can get templates for both personal use and business.

The 10 most popular Open Office templates are:

  • Basic Log Sheet
  • Employee Incident Report Form
  • Blank Family Tree
  • 15-minute Planner
  • Medication Log
  • Wallet Medical Information Card
  • Fillable Cash Receipt Form
  • Full Detailed Grocery List
  • New House Inventory List
  • Payment Receipt








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