How to Open PAGES File on PC in Windows 10, 7 and older

What is a .pages file

When you see  a .pages file extension, it means a page Document. It originates from Apple Page word processors program. It can be either a simple text document or an extended type. The types are charts, tables, pictures and so on.

.Pages files are also known as ZIP files. They have the necessary document for Pages and JPG files. Also, a PDF file, which is present as an optional inclusion.
You can use the PDF files included for previewing only the document. It is used for the entire document, while the JPG files are used in previewing the first page of the document.

How to open pages files on Windows PC, MAC an android


The apple pages format file is an executable type. You have to take great care while opening it. Such files are used in receiving information via email. It works by default on macOS computers but you can make it work in Android and PC too.
You can use the programs Google Docs (online) and Microsoft Word.

Online in Google Docs

Opening it is possible if you convert it first.
  1. Go to Google Docs.
  2. Sign In
  3. Upload your .pages document
  4. Convert it online with cloud convert
  5. Now you can view it online or download it.

On Windows

If you use microsoft windows, the process is different. Windows OS doesn’t include the program for opening the files.

If you double-click the file after downloading it on your Windows operating system, you still will not have access to the file.

how to open pages file in word

With microsoft word

However, you can easily view it with microsoft word. These are the steps for opening.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Rename the file. Delete .pages and add .zip suffix.
  3. Unzip it.
  4. Now you can view the extracted files.


In Android

If you are using Android you can rename your .pages as it is explained in the previous section.

You can get here the Android APP of Microsoft word



The information is available for your iOS devices. You can open the .pages by using Google Drive in which you just download the files and view it using Google Drive.
Instead of the method mentioned above, Pages files can also be opened by extracting the preview document from the files.
You can do this by using any file extraction tool. The tool will work so long as it supports the ZIP format. The most popular of these tools are PeaZip and 7-Zip.

How to Convert a pages format file

Another way to open it is to convert it to another format.

Using Zamzar

For example, you can convert it online using Zamzar. You can upload the files through this tool. It will then give you many options to which you can convert the file.
Some of the available options are TXT, PAGES09, EPUB, DOCX, DOC and even PDF.
As a result, you can view the file using any of the options provided above after the conversion. Bear in mind that the conversion occurs instantly.
You must have the program that can manage each of the converted forms on your computer before you can access the converted file.

Using Pages

Aside from Zamzar, you can also convert .Pages using the program itself. It is programmed to convert the file to several formats, like ZIP, Pages09, EPUB, RFT, plain text, PDF and even Word formats.
The converted file can be saved in the iCloud and you can use the Pages program. After beng stored in the cloud, the format of the file will change to .Pages-TEF. The stored file is a Pages iCloud Document files type.
The operating system you are using can also determine if you can easily open it or not. In Mac operating system, it is very easy as it has support out of the box.