Open PART File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Partially Downloaded


What is

The PART file extension pertains to the partial download of files or programs. Most download program managers or applications download a single file broken into smaller parts. All these parts come with the PART format.

A single file with this format is virtually useless as it’s impossible to open it while the other files are still downloading. The user must wait for all the related PART files to be completely downloaded.

The user must also wait for the download manager to bring the separate pieces together as it is impossible for the user to combine these files manually.


Detailed information 

Category: Miscellaneous Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: Bulletproofs Go!Zilla, FlashGet, DrSiRiUs eMule Plus, Free Download Manager (FDM)
Open with Linux: N/A
In case the download is still in progress or the download has been stopped, the PART files may be resumed by the same download program at a later time. The files with the PART extension are utilized by different file transfer programs such as eMule, Go!Zilla, and eDonkey program which was discontinued by its developer.