Open PHP File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

Files type: Hypertext Preprocessor


What is

The PHP file extension is used in Web pages containing PHP code. These Web pages also include PHP functions capable of processing online forms, getting the time and date, or accessing information directly from a database.

One example of such database is MySQL database. The PHP code contained in the Web page is parsed or processed using a PHP engine within the Web server that dynamically and effectively generates HTML. The generated HTML contains the Web page content.

The HTML is then sent to the Web browser. Thus, the users do not really see the actual PHP code included in the Web page even if they are viewing the Web page source.

Detailed information 

Category: Web Files
File format: Open Source
Open with Windows: Edit with a text editor, Run from Windows Server with PHP, View in a Web browser
Open with Linux: Run from Apache Web server software with PHP
Files with the PHP suffix use a standard file format that is supported by different programs. These files may also be opened directly. This format may also be referenced by any open application and may possibly run a script or a program when opened.