Open PNG File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Portable Network Graphic


What is

The PNG file extension stands for Portable Network Graphic. This is the image format used by some graphic and animation software applications. The PNG files were created using an image format that utilizes and employs indexed colors as well as lossless compression such as a GIF file.

However, these files do not have copyright limitations. Unlike a GIF image, PNG files cannot be animated. However, related MNG format may be edited for animation modifications.


Detailed information 

Category: Raster Image Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: The Logo Creator, ACD Systems Canvas, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Roxio Creator 2009, ACDSee Photo Manager, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, Other picture viewer or Web browser
Open with Linux: N/A
The PNG image files may also contain an 8-bit transparency channel. This channel allows the different colors in the image to fade from opaque pixels to transparent pixels.
The GIF image files only support either fully transparent or fully opaque pixels. Because of this flexibility, most Web servers now support the this format. Also, the PNG files screenshots may be saved in Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions.