Open QFX File – What is and How to View – Format and Opener Programs

  • File description: Quicken Financial Exchange Files
  • Type: Misc


If Windows, MAC or Linux is unable to open QFX files you may not have the appropriate program installed or may have a registry related error. Read more to find a solution for you here.


What is a QFX File

The .QFX file extension identifies Quicken Financial Exchange data files.  .QFX files format is used for transmitting financial data, including transactions and balances etc, via the Internet and downloading them into Quicken’s financial programs.

How to open QFX files

To view .QFX files you will need to install Intuit Quicken’s financial software. It is a money management software from Quicken.
Quicken official website is there you can check for all the available solutions. You can sign in and also buy Quicken.
The .QFX file extension is also associated with QuickLinks’s fax software.


  1. Locate the files.
  2. Double click on it or right click on it.
  3. Select open with
  4. Select the program, Quicken’s financial software or Quicklinks’s fax software.
  5. If you don’t have the program installed you must download it first.


Problems Opening it?

You can try to fix problems with the following options:

  • Download again or reinstall the recommended software
  • Check if your file is corrupted with an antivirus
  • You can scan all your computer to find troubles and virus.
  • Try a different editor or program
  • Convert your file format to another possible format.
  • Upgrade your programs.


How to create it

The standard way to create a Quicken Financial Exchange is using the official software Quicken.
However, you can also use Microsoft Excel and export the data using an add-in specific for this data type.

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