What is a .QIF File – How to Open QIF Format – Programs

File type: Quicken Interchange Format


The QIF file extension means Quicken Interchange Format. It is utilized by Quicken programs to transmit pieces of financial data. It is also used to import and export ASCII files created using the Quicken financial application.

These files can be opened with text editors. This file extension runs on platforms such as Mac and PC through specified programs and applications.

The files saved using this file extension may be downloaded and may be viewed by any institution members.

Intuit, the developer of this application, stopped all development projects for further support improvements in 2006 because the developer realized that upgrading the file format to OFX or Open Financial Exchange will correct QIF file extension issues.


Detailed information 


Category: Data Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: Microsoft Money, Intuit Quicken
Open with Linux: N/A
Duplicated data was frequently encountered by users during times when they used the QIF file format.
This issue apart from others was corrected by the developers of the application when they decided to finalize and subsequently release the format upgrade.
The OFX format was needed to be verified regarding platform support for MAC and PC-based OS versions by various institutions right after the release of the file format upgrade.