Open RAW File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

File type: Raw Image Data


The RAW file extension is used in a 24-bit RGB graphic file that contains pieces of raw and uncompressed image data. It is also used in different settings such as the white balance and exposure that may be edited and modified using the appropriate software application after the RAW images have been saved in the computer.


Detailed information 

Category: Image Files
Files format: Propriety
Open with Windows: ACD Systems Canvas, Corel Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee Photo Manager, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Any image viewer/editor that supports RAW files
Open with Linux: N/A
The files using the RAW format are usually recordings of the direct and exact output taken from a CCD of a digital camera.
While there are RAW files, most of the time, a camera maker would give a different format for their RAW files. These file extensions are usually for their own format.
For instance, Canon uses either the CR2 or CRW, Fuji uses the RAF extension, Minolta uses the MRW , Kodak uses the KDC, Olympus uses the ORF, and Nikon uses the NEF suffix.
The DNG  is used by Adobe, PTX by Pentax, ARW by Sony, and X3F by Sigma.