Open RMVB File – What is and How to Play – Format and Programs

Files type: RealVideo Variable Bit Rate


What is

The RMVB file extension is used for the Real media Variable Bitrate (RMVB) files. The RMVB files usually contain pieces of multimedia data compressed using the proprietary RealMedia compression algorithm.

The video and audio streams are divided into different segments. Each segment is then encoded with different bitrates based on the complexity of the data, as well as the relative importance of the segments contained in it.

They are also optimized to allow streaming over the Web. The RMVB files may be opened using the Media Player Classic, Real Alternative, or RealPlayer codec set.


Detailed information 

Category: Video Files
File format: Propriety
Open with Windows: RealNetworks RealPlayer
Open with Linux: RealNetworks RealPlayer
The files using the RMVB extension are usually compressed with a variable bit rate. This rate is optimized for the video content.
The optimized rate becomes the newer and more recent variation of the RM or Real Media file that allows the files to be compressed more efficiently.