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Open SFV File

File type: Simple Verification


SFV File

The SFV files extension store pieces of checksum data for a folder, disk or file. It indicates the type of data it contains. It can be used for checking missing files, corrupt files or wrong sized files.

File verification is often done when burning a DVD or CD or when copying disks. The SFV file format may also be used for verifying files downloaded from the Internet. These verified files are also check for modification.

Usually it is a calculation of the CRC32 checksum of a file. It verify that it is a trust source file. And that the content is what you expect.


How to open a SFV file

You can use a SFV extractor or a SFV checker. See the examples below.

Category: Miscellaneous Files
File format:
Open with Windows:
  • pure-sfv,
  • RapidCRC,
  • MooSFV,
  • WinSFV,
  • SlavaSoft FSUM,
  • SFV Checker,
  • QuickSFV
Open with Linux:
  • pure-sfv,
  • Check SFV


How to Convert

You can convert it to other text formats like txt, rft, doc or html. To do it just rename the file and change the suffix.