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sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application – unsecapp.exe


Process sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application, may it be a virus?


You area reading because of the message if unsecapp.exe.  If you see displayed in your computer task manager this message:

sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application,

Do not worry. It is a legitimate software/file of Microsoft.

The short form is named “unsecapp.exe”. And in fact, it is an important component of Windows Microsoft, so you should not exit this component at first.

However, this name could disguise a virus. For that reason, in this article, we will explain what it is and how to differentiate the legitimate software with a harmful program.

What is unsecapp.exe?

The file “unsecapp.exe” is a component of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

Therefore, it supports Windows operating system to run Windows services. And it allows the system to send WMI messages.

In other words, the function of “unsecapp.exe” is to sync actions in the system of the computer with a remote computer.

Some of the services are to start a process on a remote computer, schedule tasks, edit Windows registry, etc.

It is also necessary to sync information with Microsoft Servers as in programs like Defender and Windows updates.

For that reason, the computer could crash if you delete unsecapp.exe. Don't delete it to be safe.

You can find this file in the system32 folder of Windows.

Legitimate unsecapp.exe process characteristics

There are specific some characteristics to the Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application process:

  • This official Windows Microsoft component is located under the directory C: Windows/System32.
  • The process should have a Windows signature.
  • It does not consume excessive resources. In the majority of cases, it just consumes16,896 bytes in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.
  • It does not have a viewable window.

Problems with unsecapp.exe

Usecapp.exe is an executable file. That is why it has a .exe extension. Unfortunately, some malware uses this name to disguise viruses. They give a virus the same name, so it would appear harmless to users.

There are some ways to determine if an unsecapp.exe is a legitimate Windows component or a virus. Any program under unsecapp.exe that does not have the characteristics discussed above is most likely to be a virus.

Therefore, if you see in your computer a file with the name “usecapp.exe” or “Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application” that:

  • it is not in the directory mentioned,
  • it is using too many resources,
  • is not a Windows file,
  • it has no information about the creator of the program,
  • it is connecting to the LAN or Net through a computer port,

Is it a virus?

To be sure that unsecapp.exe is a virus and not an essential process of Microsoft Windows , compare the process with the previous characteristics. Also, you can scan your computer for finding malware.

There are many free programs on the web that could help you perform this task. To be sure that your computer does not have a virus. Just run different antivirus and antispyware tools.  You could use the one on your computer, and other free ones on the internet.

Also, you must run the scan with Windows in Safe Mode (error-proof), since this makes it easier to remove malicious programs.



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