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Whenever you need to share large files to family and friends on different social media platforms or you want to reserve your hard disk space, compressing your files becomes a necessity.

Whether you own a Windows or Mac PC, you need to download and install a Zip file opener that is perfect to your needs.

In this article, you can get to know and compare the best zip software. Five of the best Zip file openers for Windows and Mac.


The best Zip software file openers for windows and MAC


winzip logo

The software

Coming in at number one of the best Zip file openers for Windows and Mac is WinZip.

WinZip is a dynamic, compatible file compression and decompression app that is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

It is also probably the most renowned and popular Zip file opener software around. With WinZip you would be able to seamlessly compress, secure, share, decompress and open large files.

In addition, WinZip utilizes top-notch encryption that secures your files from unauthorized persons.

This Zip opener software also allows you to link up with a large number of cloud storage apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Also, with the "ZipSend" feature, you can zip pretty large files which you can then send to someone via email as an attachment.

If you are using a Mac or Window OS and you want a really good Zip opener software, then WinZip is one of the best out there.


Supported Formats

Winzip supports the following formats and much more; IMG, tar, XZ, gzip, can, 7z, Iha/Izh, rar, ISO, VMDK, VHD, and of course zip.



You can download the latest version of Winzip for windows, MAC and mobile from the official website



The software

One other Zip file opener that you should consider getting is WinRAR. This utility software is a perfect tool for compressing multimedia files. The beauty of this tool is that it will automatically choose the best possible method for compressing your files.


WinRAR will not only open RAR files, but will also generate RAR files as well. WinRAR comes with a feature known as the 'solid archive box' which allows you to compress batch files. WinRAR has many other features and supports many functions, such as;

  • it can repair damaged archive files,
  • WinRAR can categorize archive files in different volumes,
  • this Zip opener uses a 256-bit AES encryption security feature, and
  • WinRAR also supports long file names.


Supported Formats

WinRAR is a very good Zip opener that supports a number of formats, such as; TAR, ZIP, RAR, ACE, 7-ZIP, UUE, ARJ, Z, and CAB. However, you may need to spend time coming to grips with its user-interface as it can be a bit tricky.



winrar website

You can download winrar latest version for windows, MAC and mobile android and apple iphone from the official site



 The software

Another Zip opener that you should try getting for free is the 7-Zip file opener. This open-source Zip file compression and decompression app comes with a compression ratio that is very high.


Similar to WinRAR, 7-Zip comes with the 256-bit AES encryption feature. Other functionalities include;

  • a FAR manager plugin,
  • an integrated,systematic file manager,
  • Windows Shell integration, and
  • self-extracting functions specifically designed for 7z.


Supported Formats

7-Zip is a Zip opener that is commonly utilized by both commercial and business interests. The file formats supported by 7-Zip include the following; WIM, UEFI, NTFS, ARJ, CAB, MSI, IHEX, XZ, GPT, ISO, FAT, MBR, NTFS, VHD, XAR, LZMA, Z, TAR, GZIP, CHM, DMG, LZH, RAR, SquashFS, VDI, CPIO, EXT, BZIP2, AR, NSIS and so on.



7-zip website

You can download 7-zip latest version from the official website. You will find versions for windows, mac and mobiles.



Hamster Zip Archiver

 The Software

The Hamster Zip Archiver is yet another Windows OS and Mac compatible Zip compression and decompression software.

This free-to-use app is simplistic, user-friendly and interactive.

Hamster Zip Archiver supports a large number of file formats and comes with a drag-and-drop user-interface that further exemplifies the fact that it is an easy to use app.

Like WinZip, Hamster Zip Archiver is compatible with a number of cloud services, such as; Yandex Disk, Dropbox and Google Drive.


Supported Formats

Hamster Zip Archiver supports the following file formats; rar, wim, jar, swm, gzip, img, cab, iso, tbz, deb, Izh, dmg, tar, pkg, z, 7z, zip, gz, bz2, arj, rmp and so on.



You can download windows and mac version of Hamster from its official website



The software

PeaZip is also a free-to-use Zip opener that compresses, archives large files with limitless ease on your Mac and Windows PC. PeaZip is known to support more than 150 file formats and comes with a number of exciting functions and features.

It uses a password manager that is secure and encrypted. In addition to this, PeaZip makes use of two-factor authentication to further keep user files safe from unauthorized individuals.

Archive files can be scheduled and divided into a number of different files while users can also search for duplicate files if they want to.


Supported Formats

Some of the file formats that PeaZip supports includes; hxs, pet, taz, xpi, Izh, Java, pup, lit, deb, smzip, gzip, bz, chi, chm, hxr, rpm, hxq, Google Android’s apk, 7z, Izma, oxt, balz, zpaq, vhd, quad, Ipaq1, mslz, xar, tz, pak, fat, pot, gnm, and so on.



peazip official website

You can download peazip for windows and MAC from the official website here.


In summary 

The five Zip openers of this article are some of the best file compression and decompression softwares available for Windows and Mac OS users.

They offer several functions and support a large number of file formats. With these Zip openers, you can send large files via email as an attachment or to social media accounts.

Zip opening softwares such as PeaZip and 7-Zip are also free-to-use utility tools that you can download and use on your desktop PC today.


Comparing the best zip software 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip


comparison of the best zip file openers software

One thing that 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip have in common is that they are all software used in the compression and decompression of large files.

This section aims to compare each ZIP opener looking at their license, supported platforms, supported file formats, compression rate, and file size.



 When it comes to license, all five ZIP openers are categorized into two license groups, namely; "Freeware" and "Trialware".

For "Freeware" you have 7-Zip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip while the "Trialware" includes; WinRAR and WinZip.

With WinRAR, users can try out the software for absolutely FREE for a duration of 40 days. However, WinZip is a "Trialware" with a free trial version available to users for FREE and for a period of 21 days. WinZip also offer a variety of advanced versions which are available at a cost.




  • Freeware: 7-Zip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip are all free, open-source softwares.
  • Trialware: WinRAR and WinZip.


Supported Platforms


Whether you are using a Windows or Mac OS desktop device, you would require a software that is capable of compressing large files and save you valuable memory space on your hard disk.

ZIP openers are useful to all platforms as they help to preserve your hard disk space and ensure that your system performs to its optimal capabilities.

Here are the supported platforms for 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip.

  • 7-Zip: 7-Zip is supported on Windows OS and this includes; Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016, and NT.
  • WinRAR: WinRAR is available on Windows 2010, 2008, 2007, 2003, 2000. "RAR" is a WinRAR version that is exclusive to Android devices including smartphone and tablet mobile devices. Although it is interesting to note that the more recent WinRAR versions are not supported on older Windows OS.
  • WinZip: WinZip is supported on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can get WinZip "Trialware" that is supported on Windows 2007, 2008, 2010, and Vista. You also have WinZip for Mac OS 10.8 version or higher. WinZip for Android and iOS mobile devices is also readily available for mobile users.
  • Hamster ZIP Archiver: The Hamster ZIP Archiver is supported on Mac OS X as well as Windows 2007, 2008, 2010, Vista and XP.
  • PeaZip: You can download the PeaZip file compression and decompression "Freeware" for Mac OS as well as Windows Vista, 2007, 2008, 2010, NT, and XP.


Supported File Formats

Popular file formats like RAR, 7Z, and ZIP are supported by 7-ZIP, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip.

There are also those file formats that are not too popular, but equally supported by these ZIP openers.

Here are some of the file formats that you can expect from 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip.

  • 7-Zip: 7-Zip supports both packing GZIP, XZ, 7Z, BZIP2, WIM, ZIP, and TAR file formats. However, 7-Zip supports only the unpacking versions of these file formats: Z, AR, RAR, CramFS, ARJ, IHEX, CHM, LZH, EXT, CAB, UDF, RPM, XAR, VHD, GPT, QCOW2, UEFI, MBR, ISO, CPIO, VMDK, FAT, MSI, DMG, VDI, NSIS, HFS, SquashFS, NTFS, and LZMA.
  • WinRAR: WinRAR also supports a large number of file formats, some of which include; OO1, JAR, ISO, RAR, LZ, UUE, ZIP, ARJ, BZ2, Z, GZ, 7Z, TAR, ZIPX, GZip, CAB, XZ, and LZH.
  • WinZip: The file formats supported by WinZip consist of BZ2, ZIPX, VHD, ZIP, GZip, VMDX, CAB, XZ, 7Z, XZ, ISO, LZH, TAR, and Z.
  • Hamster ZIP Archiver: The Hamster ZIP Archiver freeware supports a vast number of popular file formats such as RAR, ZIP, TAR, WIM, 7Z, and DMG. The other file formats supported by this ZIP opener include the following; CAB, SWM, ARJ, DEB, IMG, JAR, TAZ, RPM, IZH, APM, ISO, XPI, GZIP, ELF, TGZ, FAT, CHM, TXZ, HXS, NTFS, MSI, PKG, XAR, VHD, CHI, MBR, LIB, HFS, TPZ, DLL, ODS, UDF, SYS, PMB and so on.
  • PeaZip: With PeaZip you have an open source compression and decompression software that is capable of supporting multiple file formats, such as; RPM, NSIS, OOo, ACE, PAQ/LPAQ, 7-ZIP, CHM, TAR, ISO, CAB, ARJ, Z, LHA/LZH, SPLIT,  BZ2, GZ, 7Z, ZIP, PEA, RAR, DEB, QUAD, JARand CPIO.


File Size and Compression Rate

All five ZIP openers actually offer similar output file size and compression rates. The difference lies with the file format used in compressing files.

For example, if you use .zipx file format instead of .zip to compress large files with the WinZip Trialware, the .zipx will offer a much higher rate of compression compared to .zip.

Likewise, if you decide to use 7-Zip and you choose 7Z file format rather than ZIP in compressing files, the 7Z file format will offer you a better rate of compression when compared to the ZIP file format.


How to Decide on which ZIP software Opener to Choose


With so many ZIP openers available in the market today, it raises the question of - how do you decide on which zip software to choose?

Here are some key indicators that can help you in making the right choice.



 If you are looking for an open source, freeware ZIP opener that will help you to compress and decompress large files, you can go for any of 7-Zip, Hamster ZIP Archiver or PeaZip.

However, if you have your reservations about freeware, then you can try WinZip or WinRAR which you can buy, but also offer you a trial period to test their capabilities.



Compatibility is another indicator that you should not ignore. You should go for ZIP openers that are supported on whatever platform you are presently using.

If you own a Windows PC for example, then you could go for 7-Zip or WinRAR. Alternatively, if you own a Mac OS device, then there are versions of Hamster ZIP Archiver, PeaZip and WinZip that are compatible.


Language Options:

The English language is not the only language option available on many of the ZIP openers around. However, for non-English speaking users, it is important to get a compression and decompression software that allows you to use it in your preferred language.

7-Zip supports more than 80 languages, while WinRAR supports about 24 languages.

Hamster ZIP Archiver supports as many as 40 languages, PeaZip supports about 30 languages and WinZip supports more than 10 languages.



The five ZIP openers mentioned in this post also offer users an intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive interface making the software easy to use by even the most unskilled computer user.


7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, Hamster ZIP Archiver and PeaZip compression and decompression softwares are five ZIP openers that you can consider using today. They will compress large files including multimedia files and help to conserve the valuable hard disk space of your desktop or mobile device.



Have you ever wondered how you can convert the proprietary raw files on your digital camera to a more transferable, exchangeable and universal file?

One very useful way of doing this is with the use of an Adobe DNG Converter.

adobe digital negative converter

What is an Adobe DNG Converter?

So, what is an "Adobe DNG Converter", you may ask. Well, first of all you should know that "DNG" is an acronym for "Digital Negative".

These are the raw files that are saved on your digital camera and may be specific to that camera. In other words, the raw file format may not be accessible on other platforms unless they are converted to a more user-friendly format.

With the Adobe Digital Negative Converter, you have a FREE to use software that readily converts the raw files from over 200 different camera-specific formats directly to Digital Negative (DNG).

The DNG format is a more universally acceptable raw file format that can be accessible on virtually any other platform and that includes Windows and Mac OS desktop computers.

Due to the dearth of a universally acceptable standard for the unique and proprietary raw files that are generated by different digital camera brands, it became necessary to develop the Digital Negative.

With DNG amateur and professional photographers are able to archive the raw files of their respective brand of camera in one format that makes it easy for them to catalogue as well as access at any point in time.

As mentioned before, DNG is a freely accessible format, so it offers software developers an opportunity to develop software capable of both supporting and benefiting from DNG.


Download Adobe DNG Converter on Windows and Mac


Adobe DNG Converter 12.3 is the latest version of the software. And you can download ir directly to both Windows and Mac OS desktop computers.


Windows OS Compatibility

 The Adobe DNG Converter is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 64, Windows 8, Windows 8 64, Windows 10, and Windows 10 64 operating systems.

If you use any of these Windows OS, you can click here to download the Adobe DNG Converter.


Mac OS Compatibility

 If you are using a Mac OS 10.12 Sierra or a later version, you will be able to download the latest Adobe DNG Converter for Mac right here.


How to Install Adobe DNG Converter


  1. Once you have downloaded the Adobe DNG Converter to your Mac or Windows OS, open the downloaded file.
  2. Next, you then double-click on the executable file for the Adobe DNG Converter.
  3. A set of instructions will appear on the screen of your monitor, carefully follow these instructions.
  4. After abiding by the set of instructions shown on your monitor screen, the Adobe DNG Converter will be made accessible either on the "Applications" or "Programs" directory for your Mac or Windows OS respectively.


In addition, the installation folder of the DNG Converter includes a number of color profiles. These profiles are copied onto a common resource location.

These color profiles can also be installed to enable the proper operation of the Adobe DNG Converter.


How to use Adobe DNG Converter in 7 Steps

Step #1: Start by launching the Adobe DNG Converter. You can do it in the following ways;

  1. You can double-click the icon to launch the software,
  2. Also, you can drag and drop single images or
  3. You can drag and drop an entire folder full of images directly on the icon of the Adobe DNG Converter.

If you choose to use any of the three highlighted options, you will immediately launch the DNG Converter.


Step #2: Next, simply choose the image or images that you intend converting to a DNG file.

Step #3: You then need to decide on the respective location. There the DNG converted files will be saved.

Step #4: Your newly converted DNG files would need a naming pattern, so decide on one.

For example, for the name of the document, the current file name appear with a DNG extension.

You can also include letters or serial numbers to the document name.


Step #5: The name of your DNG file would also require you to specify a couple of extra settings, such as;

  • The Starting Serial Number: You can change the number that starts the serial numbering of your DNG file. For example, if you do not want the serial numbering of your converted DNG files to start with "1". You can change this number to whatever starting serial number you prefer. For example, "101.myimage.DNG" or "1.1.myimage.dng".
  • Adjusting the File Extension: The file extension of your converted DNG file is set by default. But you can still adjust the file extension by making it appear in lowercase or uppercase. For example, ".DNG" or ".dng".

Step #6: It is possible for you to alter the compatibility preferences of your converted DNG file where necessary.

Step #7: You then have to click on the "Convert" button. It leads to the appearance of the conversion status displayed in a dialog box on the monitor screen.


The process is over.


If you are wondering what is noxplayer and if it is save or not this article is for you.

What is Noxplayer

Noxplayer is available for free download. It is an emulator for android operating system.

Nox app player is designed to allow the end user to easily operate any android app on a desktop computer, those who are using Mac operating system can also access the Mac form of this app.

To carry out its function, the emulator will first create a virtual android tablet on the desktop computer and this will make it easy for the end user to access any of his android games or apps on the desktop computer.

As a result, you can easily access those apps on the bigger screen of your desktop. Aside from the benefits of a bigger screen, accessing the android apps and games on a desktop computer will equally improve the control a great deal.

Additionally, bringing your android apps to your desktop computer will improve the performances of the apps and make them more interesting to access.

The app was released to the general public in 2015 and has grown in popularity over the years.

Millions of people are already using it and you too can join the train today to experience how your android apps will look like when projected to the bigger screen of your desktop computer or laptop.

As mentioned earlier, the app can be accessed by both Windows and Mac operating systems and this means you can easily download and access those apps form your Android and iOS on your Windows or Mac computers respectively.

Both those using it on Windows and Mac have reported good response and there had never been any report of inaccessibility since inception to date.



Nox App Player Works in any Android version

Additionally, the app can work with any version of android operating systems.

For Windows

It is equally adaptable to any version of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP.


The same thing applies to the users of the Mac operating system; the version of Noxplayer that supports Mac can also be used on virtually any version of Mac. Consequently, you can always have fun using this app, irrespective of the type or version of the operating system you are using.

Using Noxplayer to download your mobile apps to your desktop computer will improve your gaming experience like ever before.

The emulator is very easy to use. It will equally start quickly and help you to understand the game even better than ever, as well as, improve your control of the said game.

The app is created to ensure a superior performance of every android app downloaded to your desktop computer. It will make the app look more stable and the gameplay will surely be smoother.


Where to download Nox App

Official Site

You can download it from the website 

Google Play

Currently it is not available in the playstore.


File extensions

You can open the following file extension formats with Noxplayer. (Same as Android)


Is it safe or not?

There had never been any complaint whatsoever about the effectiveness, reliability and safety of this app. None of the end users have ever complained and this is a strong indication that the app is safe to use.

However, you must investigate the source from which you download it very well before you click the download button. was the official website of this famous android emulator. Now it is down.

A software that maintains customer contact data like names, addresses, as well as contact numbers is CRM (customer relationship management). It also keeps a check on client activity, website visits, phone records, emails, and much more.

CRM is starting to be a piece of priceless equipment in several fields of businesses. But do you know how it works for the real estate market? These software are fulfilling their roles by facilitating brokers in placing their clients in the property they always desired. Some are free and some are paid.

Real estate is a field of business that deals with transactions that are important for several clients. So is necessary to be clear and specific about what their clients are looking for.

Along with the capability of know what your consumer wants. You also require flexibility to be able to trade efficiently with your clients. And to get their requirements concerning possible purchases.

Let’s talk about the best CRMs a real estate firm could put into use:

Best CRM for real estate list comparative review

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one option of CRM for real estate platform that offers a common understanding of each client to each and every department in your firm.

CRM software for real estate agents, facilitates them in the simplification of agent communication, the property-acquiring procedure for their clients, and seeks to ensure a merry and fruitful relationship for everybody who is involved in the process.


Salesforce possesses a number of edges that arise from its cloud nature as it is a cloud-based CRM.

  • Salesforce CRM is formulated in such a way that it permits you to attend the problems of the client at the earliest possible time. Quicker response from your end could, in turn, save you a lot of time as well as your effort, without letting your prospective purchaser escape away.
  • As the use of Salesforce CRM provides the user with integrated data from all parts of the world, their impossible task of sorting information from diverse sources would become a piece of cake which in turn will save loads of your valuable time. Its all-time accessibility also makes the use of this software more easier as well as apt for international dealings.
  • Salesforce CRM offers you pieces of equipment that help you in reviewing your methods so that you can eradicate unfruitful ones smoothly and can employ the ones that work well for you.




  • The selection of additional products to add to your solution involves increased costs. If you hold widespread requirements in sales, client service, and marketing, much like the ones in the real estate market and intend to view them all with Salesforce goods, the note is obvious: be prepared to pay.


  • Each version of Salesforce accessible for purchase has system constraints which may hinder certain commercial transactions. These things are essential to bear in mind before you plan on opting for a CRM management system for your estate business.



Certain concerns of the clients are left unresolved at the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. If you're owning an estate business then selecting the right CRM that answers all your customer queries on time is essential. 

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM offers firms a medium to handle and study client data, draw relations from diverse data sources in order to disclose profound knowledge and portray opportunities, create sales funnels and carry out loyalty campaigns.

The clever and user-friendly CRM solution equips you with all the basic features that are required and are not very puzzling as compared to other CRM platforms.

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, HubSpot provides a visual control panel with a real-time display of the overall sales funnel. All the inbound and outbound communications with a client like email, social network or telephone calls can be tracked.


  • Not most individuals working in the real estate market need to be IT experts. HubSpot is ideal for non-IT experts as it has a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to operate naturally and speedily along with all the additional assistance your negotiations require.
  • If you're still seeking a strong foundation of your real estate business, then there exists no better companion than HubSpot CRM that will help your business to expand rapidly.=


  • There exist certain constraints while using this platform due to its newness and unfamiliarity in the CRM market.
  • It is prominent that HubSpot CRM is ideal for letting your business grow but a few departments working with this platform might find it complicated to use as of now.
  • Its platform is quite inflexible.


3. Pipedrive CRM

If a business plan on executing sales activities and examining details, then the Pipedrive CRM platform can be considered apt for them. This platform simplifies the procedure of all the measures involved in transforming a possible deal into a successful sale. This solution can be accessed from any browser and at all times as it is a cloud-based application.


  • The application can be operated fluently in a short period of time without the need for a kind of technical training.
  • You will be able to access any kind of data whenever you need through your mobile and the right app as we know that being a real estate agent involves multiple site trips and tiresome work.
  • Pleasing a client through beautiful visuals makes up an important part of a deal. Pipedrive CRM platform has employed a unit of designers that create eye-pleasing visuals and are convenient for the visitor to work with. They also develop powerful stunning presentations to build up a clientele.


  • Pipedrive's major disadvantage is that it provides limited support to the visitors who visit the website. This can prove to be a loss for real estate firms as they would end up losing a client due to the inadequate provision of support.
  • Downloading and fully setting Pipedrive could be very complicated for estate firms as there are only a few leads available on the worldwide web.
  • The generation of reports from the Pipedrive platform is much easier than getting an advanced report on it. If you're seeking for advanced reports, then you may want to consider another CRM platform.

4. Zoho CRM

The on-demand as well as SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution is non-other than Zoho CRM. This solution is fabricated majorly to direct sales, marketing, contacts, customer service as well as diverse managerial functions.

Zoho CRM allows you to personalize contact fields to elucidate the individual in more effective as well as in more considerable terms. 

Zoho CRM also instructs you on how you can personalize your fields.



  • Zoho CRM enables you to transfer any sort of mail electronically, straight out of the program.
  • It allows you to grade your potential clients and rank them accordingly so you know which one to give priority to.
  • Flexible platform with the necessary marketing communication activities. It is a platform accessible 24/7 and very flexible.



  • Being a newly-launched firm, it consists of a few technical malfunctions/foibles that are still being worked upon.
  • At times it provides considerably slow customer assistance, transferring them to several departments. That, in turn, could cause the firm clientele loss. And clients are very vital when it comes to a real estate business.
  • Some of the features of this platform require a certain amount of cost to be availed. It also takes a lot of time to set-up. 

Being a real estate firm all the above cons should be taken into account and should be considered while selecting CRM software for your business.


5. bpm’online CRM:


Bpm’online is a software platform that emphasizes on business process automation and CRM and is one of the leading software in the market of CRM platforms. This software is armed with several creative and uncommon solutions which in turn helps in simplifying your company processes, enhance staff productiveness, and makes meaningful CRM data that provides an improved and more stable service to your clients.



  • One can disclose several wealthy sources of data of landlords, agents, buyers as well as sellers that can help an estate firm in building and maintaining client relationships.
  • bpm’online CRM has your market needs covered as it takes functions like the posting of your listings on the market, evaluating campaigns and scoring your leads into account.



  • You might have to make a considerable amount of personalizations to the system, as the scope of the project is large.
  • One who is owning this software would also have to face the issues of modular pricing and would have to pick what they really would need.
  • It is important to bear the changes made into the mind as it would be difficult to go back and change it. 


6. amoCRM:

amoCRM is a CRM and sales management base on a cloud platform. It consists of bulky contact information so that agents could fix their focus on the human side of selling, fostering relationships, comparing and matching prospect choices with listings as well as the finalization of the sales.

This application also facilitates real estate in computing digital sales pipelines apart from the aforementioned functions.



  • amoCRM supplies potent abilities in a visceral interface that can even be for non-professionals.
  • amoCRM coats all several channels and draws leads from them so your contact database broadens without you proactively participating in it.



  • One of its major disadvantage is that it doesn’t work with documents.
  • It also has a few bugs with might hamper its functioning and it may create problems for estate business owners while conducting crucial transactions.
  • It also causes a slight delay during its use.


7. OnContact CRM

OnContact CRM is renowned by long-standing consumers for its variety of progressed features. The  new 10th edition gets you hard sales, marketing mechanization, customer assistance and contact center. The vital features it has, are on a sole dashboard so that you wouldn't need to master intricate navigation patterns.



  • It offers a supplementary procedure for fragmenting your client list. You can effortlessly trace the operations of all the parties concerned with the transactions of the estate.
  • Making use of that fragmented data of clients and potentials permits you to formulate customized working procedures. It will facilitate the automation of your communications. Which in turn will give rise to your efficiency.
  • The unification for your web address with your CRM  ensures that your website is current or not. It also permits you to put emphasis on clients rather than tiresome and boring website upkeeping.



  • Small businesses might find the process of implementation overwhelming. As a result of the absolute number of features incorporated.
  • And the three-user minimum and insufficiency of a low-level layered edition of the software may also grant small and microbusiness owners a halt.
  • It is a little costly as compared to other CRM systems and not all businesses might find it suitable enough.


How to choose the best CRM for real estate

A great sales equipment can prove to be a great companion to your CRM for real estate platform. Which in turn would help to generate more sales and leads. You can acquire these leads by making use of predefined requirements. 

If you have picked the CRM of your choice then you also should search for CRM software platforms. You can also search for some ideal marketing pieces of equipment that will facilitate you to compete better.

Take into account the price, features, pros and cons to choose it.


The preceding decade has been a spectrum of innovations and trends. The businesses are excelling growth by developing a good understanding with their customers. Finally, something sensible is going on in the market. An approach that makes you aware of the need and a solution everyone is seeking. A business built on such criteria always grows and reaches extensions along with customer integrity.

CRM is a tool that makes your task of understanding a customer easier. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool which has functions to observe and analyse customer's purchase behaviour. It has gained popularity in no time and has approached several doors of the business world. Not just large organisations, but also the small businesses and startups are now investing in CRM to build a loyal customer base. 

There are multiple options of CRM programs and systems in the market, which clearly, makes it difficult for you to choose the most suitable one. Well!!! Not to worry as we bring you the most effective CRM available in the market that suits your business and requirement. Before Starting With “What are the Best CRMs for Small Businesses”, Let's Understand Why You Need It? 


Why a CRM for a Small Business

In context to the small businesses, the possible reach of clientele doesn’t extend borders, though they are enough to have software that could manage the customer reports and ongoing processes.

A CRM is most useful not just to have better management, but also to grow sales. As per a report, incorporating a CRM in your business can help you grow your sales up to 29%. Isn’t that amazing, so now let’s see how it works. 

  1. With CRM, the sales department can record all the contact details of their customers, along with the activities, opportunities, plans etc. The CRM provides approachable access to such data from any region. It ensures the safety of the data. 
  2. The sales team gets their work analysis easier with weekly and monthly reports. The best part is that these reports are made automatically and allows the management to have information about current progress going on in the sales department. 
  3. The selection criteria allow the sales team to classify data into different sets and identify the best opportunities for increasing sales. This process helps in time-saving spend on organizing and analysing scattered data.  
  4. The CRM software is capable of tracking down the communications between the sales team and customer and hence helps in closing a sale by setting communication at the right time.
  5. Maybe the cost a CRM is a little expensive, however, this one-time investment would provide savings for in future. The cost of saving can be done in the form of minimising errors. Those errors would probably engage a lot of cost and efforts.


Best CRM for Small Businesses

Now, let us look at the CRMs with their features, Pros and Cons. 


1. Salesmate

salesmate website

Salesmate CRM software is one of the most preferred choices on the list of small start-ups and businesses. The thing which makes it the best choice is the affordability that brings you remarkable features for managing and coordinating the marketing and sales operations.

A user can get most out of the Salesmate CRM by utilising it's Built-in calling feature, as it provides calling facility within the system and develops a better record of the interaction. The calling process can begin easily by using toll-free numbers and other virtual phone numbers. Let's look at some amazing features of Salesmate: 


  1. Salesmate can sync with google apps providing ease in operations. 
  2. It automates workflow. 
  3. The smart contact management system allows the user to have an entire view of the customer profile. 
  4. It automates emails, like welcome emails. 
  5. It helps in scheduling and managing meetings and deals. 
  6. Salesmate connects the entire organisation with its team inbox
  7. It helps in the management of product and services. 
  8. The Salesmate CRM is flexible and can be used in Android and IOS devices. 
  9. The software provides integration facilities with software such as Drive, Zapier, ClearBit, Gmail, Wufoo, PieSync, Slack, RingCentral and much more. 
  10.  The respective teams can effectively manage their activities.
  11. It helps in forecasting sales.
  12. The software also provides visual sales reports, revenue reports and can assist in analysing sales and tracking goal.  



  1. The best part of Salesmate is that it is affordable and can be used conveniently.
  2. The user interface and features like internal e-mail sender, report maker, workflow automation and customer support can make a lot of work easy than certainly, anyone expects from a CRM.
  3. This software can organize the working in few clicks. Even one can look for the progress in sales, check out the schedules and also organize emails with this CRM. The UI design of this software is simpler and structured.
  4. Another best part is the support, you can take any sort of query regarding the software and the customer support team is up there for all. 



  1. There are not much drawbacks or cons of this CRM software, only the system for texting message is not much used. 
  2. Mostly this app covers most of the 3rd party apps, however, there are more options of integration.


2. Insightly

For all the organisations with multiple levels, Insightly a CRM that would meet all your requirements with its amazing, interesting and robust features. Insightly has got a delivery system and in-built system for managing projects that would handle tasks efficiently. Here are some of the more significant features of Insightly.


  • The CRM software can track leads and route them accordingly.
  • This system also helps in automating workflow. 
  • It helps in tracking emails. 
  • The management of the project and its delivery becomes easier.
  • CRM is capable of building and using custom apps.
  • Insightly has got suitable mobile versions for iOS and Android specifically.
  • With Insightly, you can integrate more than 25 tools to your system.



  1. The best part of Insightly is it allows you to link the events with the clients making things more relevant.
  2. Insightly has got a great scope of storage, and along with that, it is a convenient gadget for integrating Gmail.
  3. One can buy out it at a very reasonable cost with simple basic functions.
  4. One would acknowledge the cost of this system with its robustness.
  5. The integrated project management system allows the users to
  1. Track the performance of the project as per the set timelines
  2. You can create milestones for your project. 
  3. Also one can place automatic alerts for emails.
  4. And also one can track the email correspondence. 



  1. A little complex in-built support, that means one may find it difficult to look for the answers in the software.
  2. This software might won’t provide enough to the real-estate sector.
  3. The mass #tag feature cannot be deleted.


  1. Freshsales

Freshsales is one of the most suitable CRM in the market. Likewise the Salesmate, it has also got the in-built calling facility. Freshsales can help the businesses in a lot of ways including lead scoring, sales pipeline, activity tracking and much more. Although the integrations in Freshsales are quite less, still it can provide much ease to the start-ups and small businesses. Here are some of the amazing features of Freshsales.


  1. One can have better interaction with in-built texting and calling feature.
  2. It makes easier to track leads and accordingly provide score and assignment.
  3. Users can administer contact information through files, tasks and notes.
  4. The CRM is effective in deal management and visual sales pipeline.
  5. It provides the facility of real-time visitor tracking.
  6. The CRM is capable of syncing emails as well as tracking them.
  7. The CRM can smartly analyse and forecast. 



  1. The CRM is strong and can be conveniently operated, even users can have customised usage of it.
  2. The users are allowed to have several fields among all the columns.
  3. One can get all the details of the customer via the search bar.
  4. The history of the customer can be extracted through synchronization of emails.
  5. The software allows you to send bulk emails at a time.
  6. Separate files are there to export data.
  7. The CRM is capable of creating APIs that helps in integrating the software to other systems. Also, it provides a holistic view through the open view of sales campaigns and bulk emails.
  8. User can create sales funnel and keep up with the follow-ups through email tracking which is very useful for the business. 


  1. The drawback of this CRM software is that redundancy in speed in a case of the highly loaded database.
  2. Lower levels cannot be privately labelled.
  3. The icons for editing a field and adding a call log are similar, although development is still going on.
  4. CRM lacks automation reminders.


  1. Close

Close a specified CRM made especially for the internal sales team. This CRM is focused to optimize the sales operations and certainly bring more business for the organization. Being one of the best CRMs, Close does have an in-built calling feature. Here are some more features that would interest you,


  1. The CRM provides email sync facilities along with tracking progress with insights.
  2. The CRM provides personalized templates for massive emailing.
  3. It helps in tracking the current activities with sales goals.
  4. This CRM is capable of analysing the performance of sales employees.
  5. The major integration of the system includes Wufoo, Zapier, Zendesk and much more.
  6. Close persist the in-built calling and texting feature.
  7. The feature of predictive dialer helps you to make several calls at a single time.



  1. The CRM is reportedly very efficient in improving sales, also it is a robust software.
  2. Close CRM has got one of the quickest customer supports and provides exceptional solutions.
  3. The software is clearly sales-oriented and performs each of its functions with absolute precision. 
  4. Close software is convenient for usage and also persist in smart design with smart workflow.



  1. Close is one of the most expensive CRM software available in the market, although it's worth spending that massive amount. The price tag of this software speaks the worth itself. However, for small businesses with less capital, a user may likely switch to other alternatives with just half of its price.
  2. Apart from everything, it is true that Close CRM is the most appropriate choice for calling sales teams and if your business lacks the calling part, then this software is maybe not suitable. This software is majorly dependent on sales stuff and probably calling sales departments would be in a great need of it.
  3. When it comes to client management, this software doesn’t seem to fit in. Small businesses or the start-ups must check with the needs of their organisation and then go on with the purchasing stuff.  
  4. This software would have been a blast with the feature of the learning curve as it would allow performing better and better.


5. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Website

Are you looking for a CRM that helps you get an improved view of pipelines? If yes, then Zendesk Sell is the one. This sales-oriented software is one of the best solutions to comply with the needs of any sales team. Sell helps in prioritizing leads so that the number of closed sales could improve. Here are some of the amazing features of Zendesk Sell that would attract you:


  1. The Zendesk Sell CRM software provides in-built texting and calling feature. 
  2. The software can easily track emails. 
  3. It has got integration with some amazing applications such as Google Suite, Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox and much more. 
  4. The CRM consists of a separate contact management system for better data storage.



  1. The software is completely simple and non-complicated.
  2. The UXI design makes it convenient for usage.
  3. The structure of the software is organised making the navigation easier.



  1. Although, the user may find some features missing, like the invoicing.
  2. The installation costs of Sells CRM is a little higher.
  3. The app needs some upgradations.


Free CRM solutions for Small Business

Apart from the trial versions of the mentioned systems. There are other recommended free software systems and CRM programs.

  • Freshsales
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Insightly
  • Apptivo
  • Agile CRM
  • Zoho CRM


So here we came to an end for the best CRM software for small businesses. Hoping that you found a suitable one for you, we suggest deciding looking into the operations of your business first and then decide on the suitable CRM. It is not at all necessary to go for multiple features, all you need to check is the adaptability and suitability of the particular CRM in your business operations.



An open source video editor is a software of program to create or edit video files. It is special for being easy to share among end-users. The software has many possible uses:

  • Manipulating any video image.
  • Record the videos.
  • For Videos post-production edit and design. 
  • To Edit raw footage and edit in the digital file formats. 
  • STo hare uploaded videos.
  • Export the videos to any external media. For example a DVD.


Video editing software is expensive, but the introduction of an open-source video editor to the mix now makes it easier and cheaper to obtain a videos editor.

In fact, many of the open-source video editors available for download are now free of charge. Thereby, making it easy for all and sundry to access video editors without spending a dime.

You can download the open-source videos editors on workstations, mobile devices and desktop computers. 

The open-source video editors come with various tools to convert file formats, cutting segments, re-sequestering clips, joining clips, adjusting contrast and brightness, rotating or cropping footage, adding sound or adding transitions and several other effects. 


Best Open Source Video Editors for Windows and MAC

The software equally enables cloud-based videos editing. These applications are for desktop computers. Be that as it may, you can easily get access to the cloud-based versions, They make it possible for you to connect to different online and social accounts to share your movies.

There are many open sources video editors out there today and some of them are below:


Open Source Software Definition - What is?

Open source stands for software whose source code is available freely to everyone. The sources are not restricted. The code is open to the users.

It can, therefore, be modified and redistributed by virtually any of the end-users. It is special computer software with its source code being made available under license and the holder of the copyright to that software give the end-user the complete freedom and right to distribute, change and study the software as he pleases.

Most of the apps or programs downloaded on Android mobile devices are open-source programs.

As a result,  you can transfer the apps from one android device to another. This is unlike the closed-source apps available iOS, which you cannot transfer easily. 


The development of open-source software can be in collaboration with the public, which makes the open-source software a good example of open collaboration. You can obtain a diverse perspective from open source software development beyond that of any single company.

According to a Standish Group report released in 2008, the adoption of open-source software models has led to the saving of up to $60 billion per annum for end-users of open-source software. The open-source software has some similarities with the free software. And it is a part of a far broader term of open-source and free software.

Advantages of open source 

  • No commitment: Closed-source codes will require a licensing commitment of about a few months. It will assure you that you will not end up paying for any system that you will end up not using or you do not like. There is also no time commitment and you can use the software any time you like and for as long as you like. You can equally stop using the software any time you like without ever bothering about any limitation whatsoever.
  • Easily customizable: You can easily customize the open-source software any way you like. In fact, open-source codes are made available to be rebuilt, tinkered with and also torn apart the way you like. You can get your team of developers to transform the code to virtually anything that you like. 
  • It is usually free: In most cases, you will never have to pay a dime to use the open-source code. Even if you have to pay, you will only pay a very small or insignificant amount of money. The open-source code is usually free, while you will only have to pay if you need high-level support or you want to benefit from a regular update of the software. The support and update on some open source codes may even be provided for free. While you may have to pay for updates, you will never have to pay a dime for the source code itself. It helps you to save on licensing fees and you can also modify the code to suit your needs. 

Are there disadvantages?

While open source has so many advantages, it also has some disadvantages that you should take note of. Some of the disadvantages are below:

  • The functions are fewer than those of closed-source codes. You may, therefore, not like the open-source code if you want all the bells and whistles to be present in the software. 
  • You will also experience limited support on the code since most open source developers do not provide free support. 
  • There is the possibility of a never-ending "fixing" by the development team since they may have to keep on tweaking the open-source code if they are unable to find a perfect working code that can meet your specific needs.   

Open-source software licensing 

Any time an author contribute to any open-source project, such action is under a license. If the project in question is, for example, the license for the project will be Apache Contributor License Agreement. Be that as it may, not all open source projects take contributed code under a license. Only a joint assignment of the copyright from the author is required in such a situation. To make it easy to accept the code contributed to that particular project. Good examples of a free software license or open-source licenses are below:

Open source license has proliferated expressly over the years and this is a negative aspect of the open-source movement since it is usually difficult to properly understand all the legal implications of various types of licenses. There are over 180,000 open source licenses out there today and over 1400 of these licenses are unique.

There has been a dramatic increase also in the complexity in the decision process about the management of the use of open-source within the "closed-source" commercial enterprises.

Some of them are modeled. While some other ones are home-grown. The modeled ones are made in line with the mainstream FOSS licenses, good examples of which are below:

Consequent of the above, many practitioners of open-source projects begin to adopt classification schemes for grouping FOSS license.

The open-source/ free software movement recorded a very important milestone in 2008. US federal appeals court  confirm that free software licenses can set conditions that are legally binding on the use of works that has copyright.


Open source PDF editor

The open-source PDF editor is very easy to use and share with other users, just like every other form of the open-source document. The open-source PDF editor can modify document outlines. It can also add, modify and delete rubber stamps. Furthermore, the software can also modify annotation comments, as well as, add text annotations. What is more, the software is reliable as a highlighting tool and can also modify document security. 

Furthermore, the open-source PDF editor can save optimized documents and also  insert images. All the contents of the open-source software can be easily shared among interested end-users without any restriction whatsoever. If you need to modify document pages, the process can also be easier when you use an open-source tool, which can also be used for easy extraction of document pages. 

It is easier to merge PDF documents when you use open source tools compared to when you use closed-source PDF software. Inserting or modifying text in a PDF file also becomes easier when an open-source PDF is used.

Those who need to modify or insert attachment annotations can equally do so using an open-source PDF. If you want to delete, modify to insert any document image, you can also get it done easily with the help of open-source software. The tool also makes it easier to delete, modify or insert vector drawing including paths, lines and curves. The benefits are simply endless. 


Open source Images

Open source images stand for images that are either under creative commons or available in the public domain. As a result, such images can easily be for virtually any purpose since their use, distribution, editing, modification or even deletion do not carry any limitation whatsoever.

The free images come with licenses, but the licenses give the end-user the freedom to use the image as he likes. Despite the freedom of modifying or distributing open-source images, those images that are under Creative Commons still carry some limitations that every end-user must be aware of. These limitations are below:

  • CCA: You must give credit to the original owner of the image each time you distribute it to a third party. 
  • CCA+NC: You must give credit to the original owner; at the same time, you are free to use the image for any purpose not commercial. This means you can't sell the images. Also you cannot use them to advertise your commercial products or services on your page or any other website for that matter. 

Be that as it may, it is possible to use under Creative Common images for commercial purpose, however, if you pay for the images. The payment accords you the full right to use the image as you like without any restriction or penalty whatsoever.

After paying for the images, you will never need to give credit to the original owner or link back to the source of the image. If you are not paying, however, and you want to use the images for free, it is imperative to link back to the source of the image. If you are using multiple images for free, then you must link back to the source for each image; this is in your best interest. 

At the same time,  you can use some open source images without linking back to the source of the image. You will also not need to ask for permission to use the image most times. You can use these  images on your website free of charge without you committing copyright infringement. However, you must first confirm if it is an open-source image before you use it.  


Open source CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Open source CRM, on the other hand, is a CRM system that makes use of open-source programs with the source code being available in the public domain. So that the end-users can easily and freely modify or use the system as they deem fit without any hindrance, rule or limitation.

Anyone interested can download the source code and even modify it as he pleases. You are also free to distribute the source code, either as the original copy or as the modified form.

The open-source code converts from its simple form into something complex  varying complex applications by tweaking the code to satisfy your needs. Such tweaking will never attract any penalty since it is an open-source CRM code.

Many CRM developers usually depend on open-source libraries. Open-source CRMs are of different types, however. 

  • Some of them are 100% open source.
  • Some other ones are hybrids of private codes and open-source codes. 


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What is Open Office and Compatibility

Open Office can be sometimes abbreviated as OO. You can also write it as OpenOffice or you can go the whole hug and write it as or OOo. It is a productivity suite. The system is highly compatible with virtually all the major operating systems out there, some of which are:

  • Linux
  • Apple macOS
  • Microsoft Windows

Open Office also makes use of a dual-licensing scheme for the contribution of its source code. The system is equally available to every end-user. It is equally an outstanding alternative to Microsoft Office.

Also, Open Office is an open-source program and it is, therefore, available to everyone. As a result, you can download and also edit it without paying a dime, neither will you also have to credit anyone when you download or use the software.


Included programs

Some of the programs included with the Open Office system are below:

  • Base: It functions as a Database
  • Writer: It functions as a text editor and a Word processor
  • Calc: It functions as a Spreadsheet
  • Math: It makes it easy for the end-user to create equations and scientific formulas
  • Draw: It is a drawing program used to create flow charts and logos
  • Impress: It functions as a Presentation program

You must bear in mind that Open Office is discontinued as an open-source office suite. The software is equally the open-source version of StarOffice, which is an earlier form of the Open Office. The system was acquired in 1999 by Sun Microsystems for its internal use.


Apache openoffice official site

The official site is



Where to download Open Office 

You can download the Open Office directly from the Open Office homepage which is It is hosted by, which is a highly trusted website. You can equally download the software on various operating systems, some of which are:

  • Windows operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • OS X
  • And lots more

You can also download Open Office in different languages, some of which are  below:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Finish
  • Hungarian
  • German
  • French
  • Hebrew


Open Office is equally available in the Greek and even the Galician language. The software is available in virtually all categories of languages spoken globally. Even those who speak Vietnamese can access the software easily. The entire file will not take more than123MByte of space on your desktop computer.

Aside from Open Office, you can also download the Apache OpenOffice Dictionaries and Extensions from the home page, as well as the Apache OpenOffice Templates to improve your experience of the system.

Open Office for Windows

Open Office supports various versions of Windows, some of which are below:

  • Windows 2000: It is not recommended to use this version of Windows for Open Office. However, Open Office can still work perfectly on this Windows version.
  • Windows XP: You can conveniently access Open Office on this version of Windows. Windows XP is tested over time and has also been approved to be stable. Since inception to date, no problem or technical issue had ever been associated with this version of Windows.
  • Windows Vista: This is yet another version of Windows found reliable for Open Office. It is also well tested and is stable for running Open Office. Since its first use on Windows Vista, Open Office had never recorded any problem-specific too this platform to date.
  • Windows 7: It is equally reliable for running Open Office. It has been tested over time and also found stable.
  • Windows 8: This is yet another version of Windows that can run the Open Office successfully. On this version of Windows, Open Office can run as a "Desktop Application" and not as a Metro "App".

The minimum memory requirement is 256 MB RAM, but it is better to use 512MB RAM. You also require minimum storage of about 650MB.

Open Office for Mac

Open Office can equally run successfully on the Mac Operating system (macOS). It had been running successfully on macOS since the time of 3.3. Those who are using the current Apache OpenOffice can run successfully on Apple MacOS X of the 10.7 version, the 10.12 version, 10.13 versions and the 10.11 version.

The hardware requirements for macOS to run Open Office are below:

  • CPU requirement is the Intel Processor.
  • The minimum Memory requirement is 512MB RAM.
  • The Storage requirement, on the other hand, is a minimum of 400MB if you want to go through the default installation through download.
  • The graphic requirement is 1024 x 768. A higher resolution having 16.7 million colors is, however, recommended.

Open Office vs Libre Office

Open Office is an outstanding open-source office productivity software suite as earlier stated. The software originates from IBM Lotus Symphony and It is a very close cousin of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is also an open-source office suite and it is 100% free. The software is the brainchild of The Document Foundation.

As an average user, you may not be able to see much difference in the features of these two since the two of them are open-source office suites. However, some differences do exist between the two. For one, the Apache OpenOffice has its sidebar on by default; you will have to enable this particular feature on the LibreOffice. You can have instant access to every property of the document through the sidebar; it enables you to change the formatting on the page, paragraph and character. The sidebar equally enables you to get instant access to every document properties. The sidebar enables you to change very quickly the formatting on the various pages, paragraphs and characters.

Open Office Templates

openoffice templates

You can easily access up to 296 templates for OpenOffice and each template is unique in

The templates come in the .ODS and .ODT formats. Since they are open-source codes, you can print, edit and download the templates freely. You can get templates for to-do lists, letterhead, fax cover sheets and so on. You can get templates for both personal use and business.

The 10 most popular Open Office templates are:

  1. Basic Log Sheet
  2. Employee Incident Report Form
  3. Blank Family Tree
  4. 15-minute Planner
  5. Medication Log
  6. Wallet Medical Information Card
  7. Fillable Cash Receipt Form
  8. Full Detailed Grocery List
  9. New House Inventory List
  10. Payment Receipt


File Formats

Openoffice can open files from the following formats and extensions:




  • .xls
  • .xlw
  • .xlt
  • .xml
  • .xlsx
  • .xlsm
  • .xltx
  • .xltm
  • .xlsb
  • .wk1
  • .wks
  • .123
  • .dif
  • .rtf
  • .csv
  • .txt
  • .sdc
  • .vor
  • .dbf
  • .slk
  • .uos
  • .uof
  • .htm
  • .html
  • .pxl
  • .wb2



  • .ppt
  • .pps
  • .pot
  • .pptx
  • .pptm
  • .potx
  • .potm
  • .sda
  • .sdd
  • .sdp
  • .vor
  • .uop
  • .uof
  • .cgm
  • .pdf



  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .pcx
  • .psd
  • .svg
  • .wmf
  • .dxf
  • .ras
  • .emf
  • plt
  • .tga
  • .png
  • .eps
  • .tif
  • .gif
  • .ppm
  • .pct
  • .sgf
  • .vor







What is the Best File Manager for Android

You can do a lot with files manager apps on your android device. Some even consider the apps as the best addition to any mobile device. The files manager apps can help to browse the various file on your device. Also locate the files you have downloaded.  In addition, manage the storage space on your mobile device. Furthermore, the files manager apps can help move things around. And change the locations of files from one folder to another.

The benefits are simply endless. If you are not keen on file organization but need to keep your files well organized, there is no better way to do that than by downloading the files manager apps on your android phone.

You can download the apk of Many of these files manager apps from Google Play store. They will not occupy much space on your mobile device. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will consider some of the best files manager apps apk for your android device.

For each, there will be a link to download the apk and a description.


Amaze File Manager

Amaze file manager is 100% free. However, you will have to put up with in-app purchases. This files manager app is relatively new and it works very fine. It is an open source app and also works perfectly for light file browsing.

It comes with various features like root explorer, built-in app manager to uninstall any app, SMB file sharing and even Material Design features. The in-app purchase is optional and you can use it without making any purchase. You may only decide to buy anything if you want to make a voluntary contribution to the development of the app.


Astro File manager

Astro file manager is also available for free. It is one of the oldest of all available files manager apps. The journey to popularity had, however, not been easy for the app; it has experienced its moments of highs and lows.

Be that as it may, it is one of the best files manager apps you can trust thanks to its many helpful features like archive extraction support, (ZIP and RAR), app management, file compression, cloud storage support and even SD card support. The usage is simple and the Material Design UI is top notch.

There is also no ad to worry about, which makes it stand out from several other files manager apps. The app was developed by Metago. It also comes with a beta version for those who prefer the latest features that can also work faster.


ASUS File manager

Asus File Manager apk is yet another free tool for your android device. It is an OEM app and it is very good. This app is highly compatible with many devices, including Android devices, as well as, non-ASUS devices. The interface looks simple and clean at the same time; it also has both SMB and LAN support.

Some other features that make this files manager app to stand out are archiving support. Support for different types of files, simple interface with SMB and LAN support and so on. You will never have to worry about any in-app purchase in this free app. Despite the many good parts of this app, it does not have root access; you will also have to put up with some ads.


FX File Explorer

FX file explorer apk is available both as a free option and as a paid option. Even at that, the paid option is very cheap. It is also comparatively new and comes with many of the usual features for easy management of your files and media. It comes with multi-window support, encrypted archived files, support for network storage like FTP and so on. Whatever you may need from a files manager app, FX File Explorer has got it.

Furthermore, the app comes with a text editor. And its archive support works with less popular stuff, like 7zip, Bzip2 and GZip. One other beautify thing about the app is that it does not include any ads; it also does not track your mobile device. If you want to switch away from ES File Explore, this is particularly the better option for you.


MiXplorer Silver

Mixplorer silver is not free. it will cost you $4.49. It is about the newest of all the file explorers in consideration here. And it comes with numerous impressive features capable of giving top value for money. The files manager app can be used for browsing files on your Android device and provides archive support. The file equally supports cloud storage and has an HTML viewer. It has niche features for PDF, MobiPlacket and ePub.

The app equally comes with great plugins to make your experience one in a million; the plugins increase the functionality of the app a great deal. This app can provide better achieve support than PDF support. As stated earlier, it is not available for free download.


MK Explorer

MK Explore has a free version and the premium version will cost you up to $4.99. It is also one of the latest on the list of files manager apps. This app does not come with as much flair as several other files manager apps. It is, therefore, the best to consider for those who need something simple.

The app comes with a Material Design interface. It is also capable of the basic file management features, like delete, paste and copy.

Those who use Android Lollipop 5.0+ can also access SD card support when they use this app. The app equally supports over 20 languages, as well as, come with a built-in text editor, music player and gallery.

This app was, however, last updated in 2016. You should bear this in mind when downloading it. It is, therefore, important to only use it if you are using older versions of Android operating systems, like Marshmallow or Lollipop.


The Best Files Managers

Each of the files manager apps mentioned above is good. Also, each of them has specific features that make it the best for your device. Just check through the various features to determine which of them is best for you.

Do not also forget to consider how much space each of the files manager apps will occupy on your device before downloading it.




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