Open SVG File – What is and How to View – Format and Programs

  • File description: Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Type: Graphics
  • Category: Vector Image
  • File format: Propriety
  • Developed by: W3C



Maybe you have received this format by mail and you don’t know how to edit or view it. We will learn how we can view, edit and convert this svg extension


What is an SVG file

The SVG file extension is used mostly to describe two-dimensional or 2D vector graphics in the XML format. It means Scalable Vector Graphics.
SVG files are the standard format by W3C for vector graphics.
The pieces of data can be embedded in a specified Web page or may be stored or saved on their own file.
However, these files are not always compatible with all Web browsers. Also these kind of files can be animated or static images.
scalable vector graphics

How to open SVG files

These are the simple instructions to do it:

  1. First, locate the .svg in your computer or mobile device.
  2. Then, you can double click on it.
  3. Now, in the open with option select the appropiate program from the list.
  4. You will see in the following sections software to do this.
  5. Finally, If you don’t have the program installed you will have to download and install it.


Programs that open and convert SVG files

 with Windows:
  • Compatible Web browser,
  • Corel SVG Viewer,
  • Inkscape,
  • Adobe Flash Player,
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro,
  • Microsoft Visio,
  • Adobe SVG Viewer,
  • Corel Draw graphics suite.
with MAC:
  • Web browser,
  • Adobe Ilustrator,
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape
with Linux:
  • GIMP,
  • Inkscape,
  • Web browser,
  • Kolourpaint.
The browsers are perfect free viewers. You can view the files online without  downloading it. However, it is not possible to edit.
Since they are in the XML format, the files may be accessed using text editors.
These images are also written as text.
These vector images also utilize geographical figures represented by specific mathematical equations.
This is as opposed to the raster images using pixels showed with different colors in order to create images.

How to convert

You can convert online using free converters like autotracer.


Additional information

This format is also used by the GTA and Quake III as game files to save the current progress.