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Open SWF File

File type: Macromedia Flash Movie


The SWF file extension is mostly used in Shockwave Flash movies. The files are also used for displaying vector graphic animations and for the delivery of interactive multimedia content on the Web.

Though not so prevalent, they may also be referred to as Microsoft Sidewinder profile. This is used to store and save individual games joystick settings.


Open SWF File

Category: Video Files
File format: Open Source
Open SWF file with Windows: Web browser with the Flash plug-in installed, Adobe Flash Player
Open with Linux: N/A
The original specification and patter of SWF files was written and published by FutureWave Software.
This company had the intention of creating a file format capable of displaying and delivering animations in small file sizes.
This is to allow the widespread and prevalent use of the file format by those who have slower Internet connections. However, the said developer was acquired by Macromedia and in 2005, Adobe acquired Macromedia.
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